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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dogman, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. dogman

    dogman New Member

    Nothing like a cheezy pre-approval. I got a catalog in the mail called Crossing Pointe - Beautiful Clothes in the Finest Fabrics at Great Prices. Looks OK....

    on front it says I am pre-approved for $300!!!!!!!
    INSTANT CREDIT!!!!!!!!

    I look at the catalog and page after page of ONLY stuff for women....

    Here is their website if you care to share my excitement electronically:


    THEN, disappointed, I went to the great pre-approved section:

    "Activate your account today and shop the excellent values in this catalog!

    Crossing Pointe Credit has many advantages:
    - No annual fee
    - No monthly finance charge when you pay your balance in full
    - Low monthly payments if you decide to keep a balance on your account
    - Receive SPECIAL OFFERS with your monthly statement
    - No time consuming application process....


    I flip the page over to costs:

    Entire Balance subject to finance chg: 23.88%
    Annual fee - NONE 0.00
    Grace Period 23 days on average
    Returned Check Charge - "UP TO $30 plus costs"
    LATE PAYMENT FEE - "UP TO $30 PLUS COSTS, where applicable by law"
    COLLECTION FEE - "UP TP $30 on accounts that are sent to a collection agency"
    Minimum Finance Charge 1.00
    Average Daily Balance

    The ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE listed above is for any account in good standing. YOUR ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE may be increased to 24.9% where permissible by law. IF YOU ARE SUBJECT TO AN ALTERNATE RATE, it will show on your statement.



    If you received an offer for pre=approved credit with this catalog, then information from a credit reporting agency, or our own internal data, was used in connection with this offer. The offer is being made because you satisfied our criteria for creditworthiness....



    I AIN'T DOING least not for a $300 credit limit with fabulous Crossing Pointe....

    Any of you females ever heard of the Jane Seymour Collection?

    arooooooooooo- dogman
  2. Diane143

    Diane143 New Member

    No to the Jane Seymore Collection but I bet her clothes have something to do with 18th century woman doctor attire LOL (Dr Quinn)

    BTW what is the difference between "preapproved" and "prequalified"? I got a Cap 1 Plat today "Preaprroval" You know that American Flag one. Same deal. No forms just SS number , name and address. thanks
  3. dogman

    dogman New Member

    Diane - you should get the card - unless you got another Cap one card in the last 30-45 days....

    aarff - dogman
  4. LKH

    LKH New Member

    Hey Dogman,
    It seems we get catalogue preapprovals at about the same time. I got one on Wednesday for Seventh Avenue. Preapproved cl of a whopping $400. They also say if I don't order from this catalogue, they may not be able to send me any future ones. This is the first and only one they have ever sent me. LOL
  5. dogman

    dogman New Member

    Hi LKH!

    Its really a SHAME when a company MAY NOT BE ABLE to send another catalog...LOL!

    Actually, Seventh AVE sent me a catalog last year with a card - they are somehow related to SWISS COLONY.

    Geez - these intricate credit relationships are amazing :)

    Hmmm - I wonder if I still have a SWISS Colony acct - or 7th Ave - I'll go to their site...

    If I remember, SUPERSHAWN got some chocolate mouse thing....

    aarrff - dogman
  6. dogman

    dogman New Member

    I could not remember my great CHOOSE'N Charge number LOL!

    BUT, I see it is linked to the Seventh Ave catalog...

    aarrf - dogman
  7. outofdebt

    outofdebt New Member

    Geez, this thread reminds me of the FingerHut catalog I ordered something from many years ago. I actually did the 9 month payment plan with them...$11.96 a month for something I can't even remember what it was...musta been crap obviously! I think you were allowed to order any single item from the catalog, but the most expensive item was like $189 or something!

    God, what was I thinking??? ;)
  8. FicoSux

    FicoSux New Member

    They must expect you to default on this card. They put the collection costs right up front!

    COLLECTION FEE - "UP TP $30 on accounts that are sent to a collection agency"
  9. dogman

    dogman New Member

    Hi FicoSux - yup - they built collections in as a revenue source LOL!

    Wouldn't you love to apply for that $500,000 California mortgage - with the reference for payment being.......

    Crossing Point....

    Sounds like a bisexual at a swing club....

    aarrfffffffff - dogman
  10. dogman

    dogman New Member

    outofdebt - my neighbor called them...

    aarrrooooooooooo - dogman
  11. sbdmom

    sbdmom New Member

    Hey now.....

    Crossing pointe has some nice stuff (really) and its not too expensive. They ship pretty fast and you can always find coupons on the web for them.
    They approved me when scores are in the low to mid 500's plus the nasty BK and the judgement too AND as a bonus they do report to all three CRA.(hugh plus in my book) They are one of my very few good credit (jane seymor or not they're a start )

    Plus maybe you'll look good in drag...heheheheh

  12. dogman

    dogman New Member

    I was just disappointed they did not have stuff for guys :p

    aarrff dogman
  13. breeze

    breeze New Member

    Hey, I thought their stuff was great!! And I couldn't believe the prices! Fantastic! Thanks Dog. I will just charge my purchases to my Citibank card, I think. Get those miles, ya know. ;)

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