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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by danrs, Jul 3, 2001.

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    After 3 rounds with Junum, I've got a stubborn account or two left on each of the CRA's. Rather than continue with Junum or perhaps Lex, I figured I'd try to do things myself. After all, I've got more to lose (or gain) than 10 bucks for a deletion.

    So, I took a letter written by "SM" here, and cut, pasted, and added to it to fit my needs.

    Equifax Credit Information Services
    P.O. Box 105518
    Atlanta, GA 30348

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am in receipt of my credit profile, confirmation #xxxxxxxxx, where your company has claimed to verify an account that is currently in dispute. This letter serves as notice that I would like to receive the details of this verification process pursuant to my rights under the FCRA.

    According to your correspondence, dated 6/27/2001, your company verified the following account:

    Service Federal Credit Union #xxxxxxx*

    The Service Federal Credit Union account is being reported as verified on 6/01. This account is incorrect. I am now asking that you provide me with the address, phone number, and NAME of the account representative you contacted at Service Federal Credit Union to verify this account, the date in which the verification took place, AND the method by which this account was â??verifiedâ?, i.e., phone, letter, etc.

    Please be advised that this letter is not a request that you re-verify this information. This letter is a request that the verification process information, as outlined above, be sent to me within the 15 day time frame as outlined by the FCRA. If you cannot provide such information, you are obligated to remove this derogatory information.

    Also, please be advised that if I do not receive the details of the verification, which allegedly took place with the above company, within the 15 day period, I will seek legal counsel, and take appropriate action.

    This account is not factual, and has been verified by your company for the third time now. Service Federal Credit Union has not provided me with ANY information that this debt does now, or ever did exist, and denies verification. Frankly, I am distrubed and puzzled at how this account could possibly be continually verified!

    It is imperative I receive this information so this erroneous account can be removed, and this matter can be resolved without any further delay, or continued damage to my credit standing.

    Thank You,



    What do you think? Any changes reccomended?

    Do I send it regular mail to the main address in GA, or do I send it certified, or perhaps to a particular person?

    I am new at "fighting my own battles" as far as my credit repair is concerned, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Next up, creditor ;-)



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    GEORGE Well-Known Member

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    danrs Well-Known Member

    Actually, the account is mine, and nearly correct, but hoping a little stronger language may take care of things. I can't believe the creditor is going to the trouble of verifying this thing when it is nearly 7 years old, and only 220 bucks.

    It is supposed to drop of in October, so I'd probably let it be, but the creditor is reporting it on T/U as a NEW charge of with last activity of 5/2001! I don't want this on my reports beyond October, so I figure a first strike is in order.

    I'm preparing a like letter to the creditor itself to validate it or remove it.

    Thanks for any other opinions.

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