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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by GARY, Jul 6, 2000.

  1. GARY

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    I need to open a bank account that has no traces to me. I have seen some offshore accounts but they all require a big fee to start them. Does anybody know of any free ones that do not require my address. I am a UK resident.
  2. Renae

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    I recall someone posting something about this earlier--if anyone was interested in an offshore with no id. You'll probably have to page back and look for it. It's been within the last couple of weeks though if that helps you narrow it down. Good luck.
  3. bboram

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    I used to have a Barclay's acct. in Channel Islands..somewhat anonymous. The point is if the taxing authorities in your respective country really want to track down your accts. they can do it., not many places to hide anymore. There are a few caribbean "banks" that supposedly do not ask many questions, but I wouldn't bet on it.
    Good Luck
  4. Steven Z

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    I've had several of these accounts myself (Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica) and while there are any number of ways of setting up an account under any number of aliases I have yet to hear of any "free one's". Nor, I imagine would I trust one. Of course you can save alot of money by not going through certain middleman so it doesn't have to be a terribely expensive proposition.

    Unlike bboram, I do believe there are many ways to hide your $$ from any prying, intrusive government (US. and UK being two of the worst). For example, citizenship in some small African countries are relatively cheap and under any name you choose, thus no flag will go up, I can tell you your government is certainly not going through the immense trouble and cost of checking every local's bank account in some "nameless" far away country.

    For US citizens, some of the muslim countries (lebanon in particular) are excellent choices to stash your money, high interest rates and they despise the US so are not likely to tell them anything.
  5. Guest

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    StevenZ is correct, there are many ways to protect your assets, and the basics usually begins with an offshore corporation and perhaps a 2nd passport. Almost every legitimate bank will require this to open your account because of the potential of money laudering. I know there are a few banks in third world countries including some of the former Soviet Union that don't ask for ID but I would not use them because they are likely to disappear with your money as easy as it was to give them money. To do it right plan on spending $1000 - $10000 up front and then maybe $500 a year in maintenance fees as a minimum.
  6. Michael

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    As a U.K. national you could try doing three things:

    1. put some of the funds in a overseas branch of Barclays such as Belize, or bahamas.

    2. get a non U.K. address and open a account with the Royal Bank of Canada in Jersey which require only a £10,000.00 balance.

    3. Get a U.S. Bank account open under a Delaware or Nevada Corp. First thing you will need to do is get a Tax Payer I.D. number from the IRS

    then once you have that apply for a EIN Empoyer I.D. Number with that you can then open the account as a corporation.

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