Privista is a joke

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by lifetime, Aug 13, 2001.

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    I posted earlier about my equifax score dropping from a 658 to a 607. I had a chargeoff remove from my file and I thought my score should go up. I ordered my score on equifax and it dropped. Two years of trying to straighten things out and this, 607.

    I received my privista updated file today and there are 2 60 late payments on my file ( weekending the 8/12/01, student loans that are deferred) Privista says the accounts status was last updated in July. My privista credit file from last week had no mention of this. I'm starting to think privista is more than a week behind.

    Also, i spoke to a equifax on 8/6/01 about an account balance. I was told my account balance had been updated. I knew she was telling the truth because her balance matched mine. When I ordered my score online, the balance had not been updated. My privista file shows the old balance. I thought credit card balances were updated soon after due date. Equifax has the information they are not updating the accounts. I just wonder what they show to creditors.

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