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  1. mindmaster

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    This is AMAZING.
    Check out - they have a monitoring system and unlimited access to credit reports - all on-line, all updated weekly for only $29.95. I've been using their monitoring service which sends weekly emails on changes on my credit report, and they gave me a free upgrade to their insight product which has really clear credot report information and cool tools. and to top it off - they have a free tool to get off those annoying telemarketing lists!
    Check it out... highly recommend!
  2. Ann

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    Is this service just for your report from Equifax??? And what type of credit rating do they give you (poor, fair, good etc or is it a numbered rating??
  3. greyfox

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    To Ann:

    I just signed up for this service. For the price, it looks good to me and there is a 60 day free trial. It gave me a rating on a scale of 100, and also will give a comparison of your rating vs. ratings of people in your state and age range. I really like the alert service, as my daughter-in-law has just been the victim of identity theft, and this service would have warned her. It gives you the inquiries no. also.

    It only pulls Equifax, but that is the one that seems to be giving me problems, as I am shown on there with a couple of accounts that I am an AU on, and they are excellent pay accounts, but it raises my no. of open accounts and balances owing.

    I don't know whether to dispute these as not mine, or leave them on, as they are always paid on time.

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