Pro-active or Too Agressive?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by VJ, May 15, 2001.

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    Opinions/answers/recommendations are welcome.

    I have disputed everything on my file that is not correct and have reached a point where it just comes back verified by someone in that company.Example #1
    When I call that person the CRA says they called, they say they had no contact about this verification and I 've got 3 letters back from these people saying they've never been contacted by them on this matter.I then asked to speak to the contact person at their company that is responsible for reporting to the CRAs and requested the correct info be sent and have received copies of 3 notarized letters that were sent with acct corrections to the CRAs.Still no action and when disputed again its like,what letters are you talking about,we didn't receive any letters.
    Every company that reports to a CRA has only one person accepted by the CRA that can change an acct.It doesn't matter if its citi with 74 million accts.ONLY 1 person who has gone through the security checks and been approved.
    Now what there saying is this person is wrong or lying if she says she requested changes in my file.(but she's honest enough to be trusted to update 74 million credit card accts every month)If she calls in sick the 74 million accts don't get updated that day (or week)
    They just don't realize I have the 3 letters back from the people they did not verify with and 3 different letters that were notarized by their contact person saying the info is wrong and this is what it should be and that it was transmitted to the CRA dept that handles corrections as such.

    So here it is .
    Dispute 9 other line items(2 inquiries) that are incorrect in some way,not including example #1.
    File against the CRas for FCRA violations of Ex #1
    and include the new disputes in the listing.
    Put everything in the same mailing,disputes and fillings and sent RR .
    Put the court date off until verified,or 51 days.
    If where going to court lets talk about everything, it won't cost me any more.
    I know I am filing without giving them their thirty days to verify the new items, but my feelings are they have already been verified incorrectly before and its real important they do it right this time as it shows another pattern of willful abuse(negligent/willful noncompliance).If they correct, I will drop everything but Ex #1.(About 6 violations just there)

    I think I just like the idea of sending the disputed items with a court case number already included to show they can't laugh this one off.
    Just need some more paperwork on the other disputes.
    Wish me well, I need it.
    I only dispute what is truly incorrect.

    I understand about the consumer being the sworn enemy of the CRa,but what they fail to understand is "When you have more than 1 enemy, your outnumbered."

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    It sounds to me, in my humble opinion, that you have offered them every avenue to correct their errors. You are not obligated under the law to do their homework to correct erronious reports. That is why these CRAs are being paid in the first place. If it were me, I would FILE and see them in court. chances are really good that you will never see the inside of a courtroom and they will all be clamoring to call YOU to correct the mistakes. File now, ask questions later. But then that's just me.
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    Sue them. Don't settle before the court date. Get paid for your time and energy.

    List the hours you've spent x the rate you receive from your career.

    List the expenses you've incurred.

    If you've been denied employment or credit, then that's part of the harm caused to you.

    If you feel very comfortable, do it in US District Court and hire an atty. When you when, you'll get atty fees paid.

    You really do have them.

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