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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mailee24, Mar 17, 2010.

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    I've been dealing with this issue for a while now, and I've tried everything possible to my knowledge. My sister and I share the same first name (thank you, parents!) but different birthdate, ss#, address, and etc. But for some reason her inquiries are showing up on my credit report, and mines on hers. It's ruining both of our credits quite significantly! Experian seems to be the only credit report that has this issue. I called them, but they gave me the whole run around, I even wrote them a letter, but they wrote back saying I don't have evidence to support! I can't obtain evidence that neither of us have. Some of the inquiries are dated back to when I was still in grade school. I'm graduating college soon, getting marry soon, getting a house/car soon.. But will be unlucky if I have all these ridiculous inquiries on my report! Is there any way that this can be solved?
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    Hello, this happens to be a subject I am well versed on. Mixed Credit Files, and it is usually limited to Experian.

    What you need to do is write to them and include in your letter a copy of your: * Driver's License * Social Security Card

    You sister needs to do the exact same thing, write and send in her documentation.

    Also call customer service! *Ask who reported the duplicated information & get the address for that company. * Contact them companies and point out to them that they actually sent information to be reported on the wrong sister's credit report, and if there is anything they can do to update their system to not repeat this again.

    Question: Are you still living at the same address as the other sister?

    You may have repeat mixing of the files if you are both still at the same address.

    The only true way you are going to eliminate this problem is if one of you two, somehow legally change your name so that they are not showing up the exact same.

    Also another thing, do either of you have different middle names?

    You might start applying for credit only when you give your FULL NAME - including middle, and make sure to tell the creditor if they pull a credit report - that they have to enter in your middle name, other wise your files can get mixed again.

    Be sure to send the letter certified mail / return receipt requested. If this does not fix the problem, contact the Federal Trade Commission and request that they put your through their dispute referral program. Federal Trade Commission
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    I just remembered something. If you don't have your full first, middle, and last name on your driver's license and social security card you are going to need to go back to both of them offices and put in a request for a correction on them documents. Same with your sister.

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