Problems With Aria Visa

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Fred Johns, Apr 19, 2000.

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    My wife got "approved" for an Aria Visa in February. The web site promised her 0% for 3 months. She transferred balances on 3 credit cards. The website also said she got a 7.9% fixed rate after the grace period.

    It took 30 days for the transfers to take place, just in time for her first bill.

    The fine print that came with her card said that the 7.9% rate was only for purchases - the balance transfer fixed rate would be based on a "weighted average" of the rates in effect on the cards whose balances were transferred - we had to send copies of those card's statements to Aria.

    Her 3 months 0% rate is about to end, and we still have no idea what fixed rate she will get.

    They also will nail you with a charge if you transfer the Aria balance back onto another card after the 0% rate expires.

    I'm telling my wife to call them and tell them that she is writing a check for the full amount and will pay off the balance unless she is given the 7.9% rate for the balance transfers. Failing that, she will call a second time and threaten to close the account.

    Any advice , or is she pretty much on the right track?


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