Problems with Chase

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ACX, Aug 13, 2003.

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    Ok, this is going to be a long winded story, so ill try my best not to bore everyone. ;) Back in April 2000 I was offered credit insurance for my account and accepted it. Then in Dec 2000 I decided that I didnt see any benefits in this service, so I called them to have it cancelled. They cancelled it on Dec 14, 2000. Well, at this time i was a bit irresponsible when it came to bills and would basically disregard paper statements coming by mail. I would just call up chase every month and make my payments by phone. Well, in August of 2002 I decide that its time to start being responsible about bills. I look on my chase statement and notice that I was still being charged for credit insurance, even after its been cancelled! I call to have it cancelled again and they say they were sorry and that in 1-2 billing cycles the charges would stop. They didnt. Finally, the charges stopped in April of 2003. I get in contact with them because I feel that they should refund me for all the charges, and that I would take up the issue with chase to be refunded for my interest charges, etc. They write me back after 2 months of investigations to tell me that they would only refund me for one months premiums ($73.51). Then I call to dispute this with them and a few weeks later, they write the following:

    "We have contacted Chase Manhattan Bank and verified that the credit insurance coverage was canceled on April 17, 2003. A premium credit of $655.44 was issued on August 7, 2003 and as previously mentioned a premium credit of $73.57 was issued on July 10, 2003. These amounts represent all premiums billed to your account for the period of December 2000 through April 2003. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We feel we have acted in good faith and trust this will resolve any questions regarding your coverage."

    So if you count back from April of 2003 all the way back to December 2000, thats 27 months of charges. If one months premiums was around $73.57, then I shouldve gotten back alot more than $655.44. They are trying to say that theyve only been charging me $24 a month which cant be right. Then they say that as stated in my Chase cardmember agreement, that if I have any disputes with charges that they must be done within 2 months or I have no recourse. Is this true? Does it make a difference that I called to cancel and that they agreed to refund me what they feel is the total amount, but is incorrect? Im really thinking of getting a lawyer on this, because they actually owe me around $1700 total. Thanks for the help guys and gals!
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    Problems with Chase
    Never buy credit life

    It's a big rip off
    THE END ** *** ** LB 59
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    I realize that now, and I will never buy it again, but thats not my problem. My issue is whether or not I should sue them for the rest of the money they owe me, or what other recourse I have.
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    If all else fail you may have to.
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    They charge the "premiums" for the "insurance" as a percentage of your total balance. So if your balance was lower back in 2000 and 2001, the charges for credit "protection" would have been lower than the recent charges.

    BTW, "protection" ia a well-worn euphemism for extortion. The name alone should have scared you away. Instead, they may have scared you into buying it. I'm glad you finally saw the light.

    Why is it that the headline "Problems with Chase" didn't surprise me a bit?
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    Re: Re: Problems with Chase

    Credit life is a rip off - Just increase the face value of your life policy instead.

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    Re: Re: Problems with Chase

    credit insurance--->HIGH COST LOW PAY-OUT

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