Problems with Fleet Bank.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Pat McGarr, Jul 20, 2000.

  1. Pat McGarr

    Pat McGarr Guest

    Anyone else have problems with Fleet Bank? They refused to correct erroneous info on my credit report, so I sued. They have since sent the paid account to a collection agency. Anyone else have problems with Fleet Bank? If you want to sue Fleet Bank, you can have your process server serve Fleet Bank's CEO at home:

    Leo Breitman
    58 Dean Road
    Weston, MA 02493

    this information is public domain info, and is intended to assist other consumers serve process on a Fleet Bank corporate officer in litigation.
  2. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    You might to have a look at the following URL:

    It describes a situation similar to the one you alluded to.
  3. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    Actually with one critical difference.

    When you beat the banks (even such swine as Fleet) in court they will 'usually' pay whatever fine or judgement is served against them; the exception of course is Crooks Country Bank being the big DEADBEATS they are usually refuse to pay.

    But as far as the CRA's are concerned. Beating them in court is easy enough, the real problem is they keep appealing and appealing with the intent to drag it out until the bloody end or at least until the bankrupt you. Denise Richardson has been fighting this case and battle for what seems FOREVER and no end in sight. Perhaps she would have been better off with two lawsuits, one for Fleet and the Collection Agency and another for the CRA's.

    Probably the best tack would have been first suing the collection agency for the automatic easy win then fresh off the victory sue Fleet perhaps in the same court and then finally with two judgements in hand go after the biggest crooks the CRA's.
  4. bkonner

    bkonner Well-Known Member

    Since the merger with BankBoston, Fleet Bank has just become impossible.

    I have used Fleet since they bought Bank of New England about ten years ago. I have never bounced a check with them EVER! After my account was sold (like all Fleet accounts) to Sovereign Bank, I went to the trouble and expense to transfer back, THEN I deposited my pay check for $ 3,200.00 (in June) and believe it or not, they sent me a form letter, not even signed, telling me that my deposit would be on hold for six business days to verify the deposit!

    I was furious!!!! I have banked with this bank for ten years, and then this! I make good money, but it is clear, they only want the Beacon Hill crowd!

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