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    I mailed out an application for a FCNB secured card about 2 weeks ago. I just received a letter from them this morning, and according to the letter, I need to send them a proof of my income within 30 days.

    I have 2 jobs as a guitar teacher. One is at a local music store, I've started working there about a year ago, and they pay me cash there. Another job is giving lessons as a private teacher at high school, they hired me at the end of last September, and they send me a check every 2 week.

    My question is how I can get a proof of my income. I have the check stabs from the high school, so I can use them, but how about the income from the music store? I do keep a track because of tax, but I don't have anything that I can mail out to FCNB.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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    I would go ahead and send a copy of paystub from school because that's all you got and also send the most recent one.Then I would call all three CRA's and have them to put the name of employer and tell them how long you been employed with them and also have them to report your second job as private music insructor and furnish a phone number to be verify.What happened probably is,they pulled your credit report and your employment was not on report.This is something I had to do when I was self-employed because I got a letter to verify also,not from FCNB though. This is something that is very important to keep track of.Also, everything should coincide. Be consistant with reporting same info as credit reports.
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    My fiance had to so something similar. He has rental income. The bank required copies of his income taxes.

    I don't know if this would work for you if the income tax forms don't reflect a full year's worth of pay.

    Maybe have someone at the music store write a letter indicating your income? And use the stubs from the high school.
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    Thank you very much!

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