Proof U R wrong, Lizardking!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Bill Bauer, Apr 15, 2001.

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    Lizard King, you state that I am wrong in saying that it is a federal offense to lie to a credit bureau. Here is the proof and it proves that you are wrong, not I.

    As to whether or not it is a felony to lie to a credit bureau, let me refer you to

    Where you will find the following:

    (a) In General.--No person may--

    (1) make any statement, or counsel or advise any consumer to make any statement, which is untrue or misleading (or which, upon the exercise of reasonable care, should be known by the credit repair organization, officer, employee, agent, or other person to be untrue or misleading) with respect to any consumer's credit worthiness, credit standing, or credit capacity to--

    Additionally, as I often point out, it's not necessary to make any statement that might be false, and in any event, it is morally unacceptable to prevaricate under any conditions.

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I personally don't want to knowingly provide false information for any purpose whatsoever. Others may, of course, do as they please.

    You can rest well assured that any statement about law that I make has been thoroughly researched and that I can and will provide the statute law, the case law, the cites and the opinions rendered by the judge in any situation where I either quote the law or make a statement about the law.

    We are a nation of laws, and all must abide by the laws. If one does not know the law, then he is subject to the whims and desires of those who do know the law and demand their rights under the law in the proper way. In otherwords, if one don't know the law in Dodge City, then it might just be better to get out of Dodge City.

    But above all, if one does not know the law then he most assuredly ought not to be trying to advise others leading them to also commit the same errors. Since none are perfect, it is natural that we will make errors, That is excuseable, but attempting to tell others what the law does or does not say without the law before you that you can provide them with the same proofs that you have so that they can see for themselves and make their own judgemnts is a dangerous game indeed.

    Bill Bauer

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    Re: Proof U R wrong, Lizardkin


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    Re: Proof U R wrong, Lizardkin

    It is possible that I did make a 2 year statement that may have been wrong. It may also be that other similiar laws cover that which I did not think of today. To the best of my recollection, I did see the 2 year penalty for giving false information to a credit bureau.

    It still makes no difference. What is important is that it is not necessary to say anything at all in order to force them to investigate a claim. Even if the worst penalty you could suffer was to give them grounds to deny your request, that would be sufficient to use as reason enough to tell them nothing at all. If you say nothing, then they have no real cause for complaint or denial of service. If they deny your request because you said nothing, then you can claim that you fear that any statement you make might be used against you at some future time and you therefore invoke your 5th Amendment rights. In the event they choose to deny you your constitutional rights, you have cause for redress of grieviences in a court of law.

    The question then would become "do you want to risk a civil suit for denial of my constitutional rights or would you rather investigate my report as I lawfully asked you to do??"

    Which do you think they would rather do? Risk going to court or just do their job??? I think the answer to that question would be the latter.

    And at least, I didn't have to tell any lies or come up with any stories that I might not be able to support, ending up looking like a fool, and quite possibly getting my file flagged.

    Which do you think is better?? Let's let public opinion in this forum decide which is better, eh?

    Bill Bauer

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