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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by sorry123, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. sorry123

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    I need some good practical advice out of a jam i got myself into. My credit card company (Chase) claimed that they processed my bill 1 day after the due date. I sent it in 4 days earlier via electronic billing. I sent this evidence to Chase but they didn't care, and they wouldn't waive it, no matter how high i tried to go. It was for $153 and this was May 07. I refused to pay on principle and canceled my card.

    Chase continued to charge me interest on that $153, and it rolled up to $640. They wrote off the debt and sent it to collectins. In addition, they filed negative remarks on me with the 3 CRAs, and every month, like clockwork, they are refiling it late, killing my credit score which was in the 900s.

    I disputed it with the CRAs online, and was rejected. I then disputed it via email and they responded that the claim from Chase proved valid or something.

    I'm at the point now where my pride and effort have worn out, and i'll pay the $640 extortion fees just to get this off my card. I called the collection agency, and they can accept the money, but they cannot get it taken off my credit report! I went to chase, and they said that they no longer had jurisdiction over the matter, and I should go to the collection agency!

    My questions:

    1) should i just pay the collection agency to shut down the constant pinging of my credit card? Or does that kill any leverage to ever get this off my CR?
    2) if i threaten lawsuit to Chase, can i get to someone in their organization with enough clout (their internal legal) to fix this situation?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. mavrik2747

    mavrik2747 Well-Known Member

    1. Read the FAQ's.
    2. Try the 1-2 punch. Send a DV letter the the CA and as soon as they get it dispute with the CRA's.
    3. What is the basis for your lawsuit?
    4. Read up on the FDCPA and see if the CA has made any violations, if so record them. They are liable up to $1000 for each one. If you do find any violations, you'd have to sue to get the $.
    5. All of the above fails, you can try a Pay For Delete letter.
    6. Find any errors on the way the TL is being reported and dispute each specific error all at the same time, BUT DISPUTE IN WRITING.
  3. jjgross

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    Find who their legal council and call or email them go to their corp office and email their ceo.file a complaint with the bbb,and your state attorney general. now know that they to can be stubborn.
  4. Hedwig

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    Read not only the FAQ, but do some searching as well, and read those posts. The likelihood that Chase is going to remove their derogatory is slim. And since they are the original creditor, the FDCPA does not apply to them.

    If they've truly sold it, Chase is out of the picture and you'll have to deal with the collection agency. Chase should show as sold/transferred, but they can show late for all of the months that you were late.

    And what would be your grounds for suing Chase? If it's a billing dispute, you should have filed a written dispute within 60 per the FCBA. That is on your statement every month.

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