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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jsever, Jul 17, 2001.

  1. jsever

    jsever Well-Known Member

    Just received an offer from PROV for a 1000 cl increase for $99. Some of you were able to get the increase without paying the $99. Did you just ignore the offer and get the increase anyway or did you call them after sending the offer in and get the fee removed?
  2. marci

    marci Well-Known Member

    Call 1-800-215-7318 (Providian retention line) and complain about your credit line or interest rate. Tell them you want improvements to this card to keep it competitive with your other cards.

    They should be able to see the credit line offer and grant you the increase. You don't have to pay for it.
  3. DaveLV

    DaveLV Well-Known Member

    Last time I had a fee I just called the retention line, said I was thrilled to get the offer and asked them if they could do it without the fee. They told me that those credit increase offers came from another department and they couldn't stop the fee from being charged, but they did offer to credit my account for the $49 once it was charged.

    No worries.
  4. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    You can get it all refunded by retention. keep at them.

    If you go ahead and let them charge you the fee and then later you get it refunded you get to keep the 1099 line increase.

    If you call retention and get the increase without the fee you get a free 1000.

    course, the first way runs the risk that you can't negotiate the fee off.

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