Providian $500 to $4500 12 months!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Rob, Jun 29, 2001.

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    Hi Everyone, this is my year end credit clean up summary, I hope other people will share their updates on this thread.

    My wife just got a $1000 "pre-approved" providan increase, bringing her credit to $4500! in only 12 months. It started last year with a $500 limit.

    So far, this year, I went from a 507 to 690 Experion and 650 Equifax, ( I don't know my TU, but thats my worst one anyway, my wife went from a 523 to a 650 credit score


    Providian MC- $1000 limit to $2250 8 months
    Providian Gold - $500.- $3350 12 months
    Amex Green - I am charging an average of $2000 a month X 6 months, so far. (I don't actually spend that money I am just trying to build up a large spending pattern so they think I am a big shot and give my more stuff)

    60 items for me and 15 items on my wifes' off have been deleted off our credit reports in 12 months, she still needs a bunch off of hers, but I am getting closer to prime, I cleaned up on my experion, I am just trying to dispute inquires now. My equifax is down to only 2 negatives left, a bogus repo and a bogus BK both over 5 years old, I still have a 650'ish that not to bad considering a BK & repo. My Tran Union is my worst, I dont even know my credit score is, Does anyone know where I can get my TU credit score? but 8 items remain on my TU.

    my Wife:

    Aria- $1000 limit to $3500 9 months
    Providian Gold $500 - $4500 12 months
    thats all she has

    The weird thing is, we have never called providan asking for an increase, I have never called them ever for anything, they just keep rasing it. sending us these pre-approved credit line increse letters, seems like every couple months, you know the ones, just sign here, blah, blah, blah, I just sign and send every one in, I have only received one denial saying "we already gave you an increase in the last 120 days" but they give us upgrades all the time. I am not complaining.

    I have been using a few different methods, I have been very aggressively using my credit lines, very strategically, to build my credit up. My little system has worked pretty good so far this year, I really drive my credit lines up and down, back and forth like a madman each and every month. I like agressive credit building.

    In summary:

    0 revolving credit to $13600 in one year for total for us.

    alternate summary:

    I get the last the last laugh! :)

    * Rob *
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    Re: Providian $500 to $4500 12 mont

    Nice Job!!. I hope I am just as successful in the credit rebuilding process.

    Mike G.
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    Re: Providian $500 to $4500 12 mont

    Thanks Mike, you will get there, I just used the same tips I learned here, it just takes time.

    * Rob *


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