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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Pie, Feb 6, 2001.

  1. Pie

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    I have 3 Providian accounts receive 2 of them durning the 120 since my last credit line increase. Do you think they will still give me a credit line increase on my first card?
  2. Marie

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    call and ask 1-800-215-7318

    How long have you had it? Regardless,unless the account is over 4 months old total call and ask. Tell them your credit must be improving because you keep getting lots of credit card offers in the mail lately... but you really like Providian and you'd like to request a credit line increase.

    Then once you've got an increase, if you've got high interest (I had 23.99), ask for a decrease on that card... ALWAYS ask for the line increase first!!!

    On interest rate, if you've got 23.99 and a good history, they'll prob. offer 19.9. Thank them... then tell them you have a friend who just got 16.9 Worth asking!!! I dropped at my 1 year anniversary to 16.9 by asking but I got my 2 month old mc to 16.9 by calling and saying.. "but my other card is 16.9" I think the rep has discretion on interest rates but lines of credit may be more computer generated.

    AFter you've dealt fully with this first card, then do the "while I've got you... how about we look at this other card... (go for interest rate decrease).. then for the other... You can always ask for line increases on the other cards.. if you're BUILDING credit and not REBUILDING credit (I am post BK) then I've read the 120 rule may be broken.. but if you've got funky credit I think it applies.. Course, I believe in really pushing things so if you've got 3 cards they like you!!! Maybe you should try asking for line increases on all of them and then interest rate decreases on all of them and then get back to us!!!

    I would certainly start with the card that hasn't been raised in 120 days. and deal with one card at a time, though. Would never say "hi, let's increase all 3 of my cards at once"... just ask about the second card like it's an afterthought!

    Tell us how well it goes!

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