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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by peeper, Oct 23, 2000.

  1. peeper

    peeper Guest

    I have had this card for 2 years but it is at the limit do you think they would wave the annual fee or lower the 24%apr if i called and asked them?
  2. newcomer2

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    I have the same thing with providian .. .. I had the card for 2 years with perfect pay history but i went over the limit quite a few times .. when i called tell them that you really like their card since it;s one of your first and ask to speak to a supervisor. they waived my annual fee and reduced my interest rate to 19.7 on one card and 16.9 on anther. that was 2 weeks ago . and both cards are maxed out .. Just make sure you speak to a friendly rep . and have a good attitude when you talk to them and stress on how long u've been with them and how u like the card. good luck hope this helps

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