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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by S.D., Nov 16, 2000.

  1. S.D.

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    Does Providian charge the $59 annual fee once you receive the card and activate it? Or do they charge you once they send out the card? I've heard stories about creditors sending out a bill before the card was even activated. Just wondering...
  2. S.D.

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    Sam or carrot?

    Don't you have a providian card?
  3. sam

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    RE: Sam or carrot?

    I applied online, got the card quickly.

    They charged the yearly fee or whatever that jacked up price is straight up on the card.

    Also the cash advance limit remains the credit limit minus the fee. (so far it has).

    kinda wierd.

    I'm talking, providian may be different but i doubt it.

    Capitalone, and citibank AA both charged the yearly membership fee straight up on the beginning balance.

    I've received only one bill from aria, it was nearly 3 weeks after getting the card. I don't even open them, since i pay online. They might tempt me to spend more money on them.
  4. Carrot

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    RE: Sam or carrot?

    The annual fee appears on the first statement after you activate the card.
  5. S.D.

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    RE: Sam or carrot?

    Thanks guys!

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