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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by the rock, Nov 12, 2000.

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    I don,t get it, providian won't increase my 2,000 line of credit had the card 2 years no problems paying.Aria sends me a denial letter stating you currently are a provedian card member and therefore do not qualify for an aria card.Orchard bank won't increase my lousy 300. credit line had the card for 10 months no problem paying.Is it just me or what?I have read where people here have both aria and providian and where people here have gotten line increases either by paying a fee or every so many months.WHY ME?
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    RE: providian ,aria and orchar

    Tell us a little more.

    1. Do you carry a high balance? are you near your maximum limits?

    2. Have you EVER EVER gone over the limit, bounced a check to them, or been late?

    Perhaps others here will share their method
    used. I think someone else here said they got like $4000-6000 from providian in less than 2 years, got their APR lowered, and removed their yearly fee.

    Whoever those people are, tell us exactly what you did to achieve that if you would so please. Perhaps we can create a FAQ and getting the Most (? why) out of a specific credit provider.
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    Honestly, Providian is better

    Please provide more information, so I can reply. Here is my story with providian:

    After BK in 1997, I was able to manage without cards for 2 yrs. In March 1999, I got unsecured providian classic for $59 processing fees and $59 annual fees and 23.98% APR.

    As of classic card was converted into VISA GOLD, no wmy credit line is $4,500/- and the APR is 19.8%. Plus, I also have Providian Master Card with $1,000/-.

    I always paid more than the minimum pyaments (80% of balance), some times I paid complete balance. I have no problems with Providian for creditline increase.
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    RE: providian ,aria and orchar

    I had a providian card first, and then I applied for an aria card about 2 years later. At first I was denied for the aria card because they told me I had a providian card already, but then I receieved a second notice about a month later stating they had made a mistake and that in fact I would be receiving an aria card. I received the new card a few weeks later.
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    RE: the rock responds

    povidian is near 2,000 limit never late or over had it for 2 years and i got one increase for 1,000 about a year ago i started out at 1,000.Orchard i owe 280. on a 300 limit never late or over.Providian did tell me that they look at purchases better than cash advances i dont know why they make more money on the cash advances.So why did the aria card state the reason for denial is because i already have the providian card?Many people on this board said they have both.
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    RE: the rock responds


    I've had Providian since '96. Started out as a partially secured account with a $2.5K limit. I had a one year dry spell when I didn't get increases. The CL was $6700 and the balance was near that all the time. The interest rate was 23.99, no grace period. Earlier this year, I paid down the balance to $1K at the rate of $1K per month. Within 3 months after that, the credit limit went up to $9K and the card was upgraded to gold. Interest rate reduced to 19.8 with grace period and no annual fee. These terms are not the best but they are ok for the time being. My balance on the card is low. To get increases, you might want to try paying the card down quickly over 4-6 months and let us know how it works out.
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    RE: providian ,aria and orchar

    I do know that Providian does a lot of maintenance inquiries after you open the account. Maybe they just weren't impressed with your credit reports. A wide variety of people get the Providian Visa Classic, and certain subgroups probably get selected for fast-track upgrades. It may take a while for others, although I'm sure that really big payments, a la Dave, would help anyone.

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