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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Alex, Apr 3, 2001.

  1. Alex

    Alex Well-Known Member

    Hi all, I got my first card 2 years ago and it was an unsecured Providian Visa card ($1,000 limit, no annual fee, no grace period). The thing is I haven't used this card for almost a year now since I got Discover and MBNA Platinum along with AMEX Blue. I'm thinking about negotiating with retention to upgrade to a Platinum card. How is Providian at granting these kind of requests? Is the Providian Platinum a hard card to get? Is it better in my case to negotiate for a grace period or for an upgrade?
  2. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    Alex, the Providian Platinum is a hard card to get. They say it is by invitation only. I have spoken with reps and supervisors in both customer service and retention. It seems no one can just upgrade you (at least that's what I'm told). I have been with Providian for 5 years with a great payment history. I have a high limit, but limits are useless to me if I don't even have a grace period. I have used my account a lot, paid much more than the minimum and have been on time with my payments. I refuse to be stuck in subprimeland forever. I have worked too hard. I have received cards from Chase and Bank of America with high limits and great rates. This prompted me to write a letter to Providian expressing my disappointment. I think I have proven myself to be a valuable and trustworthy cutomer. I informed them that I will not accept the "invitation only" excuse forever. My reports are excellent now and I have a high FICO score. After being a long time customer, you would think they would be the first to offer me a Platinum card as they monitor my reports on a regular basis (what company doesn't?) Anyway, I transferred my balance to my Chase account which has a 2.9% intro rate. Maybe this will let them know I am serious. Let me know what you accomplish. I will do the same. Good luck!!
  3. Alex

    Alex Well-Known Member

    So the Providian Platinum card is hard to get, but what the Aria Platinum card? Isn't Aria the same as Providian? I'll definitely try negotiating the addition of a grace period to my account otherwise I would have to cancel the card because there's no point in paying interest on this card when I could use my other cards interest free by paying off balances in full every month.
  4. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    I just talked to my favorite Prov retention rep yesterday about this exact thing. Here's the deal. The Platinum cards are handled by different depts and computers. They were supposed to give the retention reps Platinum packages to offer as an upgrade for those who had earned it. The idea is to make the Platinum cards available by: invitation, consumer request, and by retention reps trying to keep you.

    I'd heard it would be available in Feb, then March...
    Now they say it's at the end of the year. Something about a computer issue. I truly believe this person at Prov.

    So, your best bet would be to either reapply for the Platinum directly, or try to get your current card upgraded to Gold. Note: the best interest rate you'll get even w/Gold will be 16.9%, you can get a free card w/a grace and a line increase.

    Good luck :)
  5. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    I agree with you, Alex. Even though I have had this account for a long time, it angers me that I have not been given better terms. They won't even give me a grace period when I asked. That is ridiculous! A friend of mine who is still paying on a chapter 13 bankruptcy, received an offer for a Providian gold card with a limit up to $3,000, no processing fees and a 25 day grace period! I was in shock when she asked me what I thought of the deal. It may affect my FICO score some if I close the account, but I may have to do this to make a statement. Hopefully this will help others who start with their subprime product in the future and improve their credit enough to receive prime products. The more people who send this message to them may eventually get them to rethink their upgrade process.
    BTW, the Aria platinum is just as hard to get. I have no doubt that if I applied, I would probably be given the platinum, but why should I have to reapply with their company? I'm already a customer. This was actually suggested to me by a supervisor. Thanks, but no thanks!
  6. Shelly

    Shelly Guest

    I'm wondering about the Providian Platinum being hard to get..I'm not sure I agree.

    I got a pre-approved offer for the Providian Platinum in December of 1999. Started with a $1000 CL, am currently up to $3600 and will be getting an increase at the end of this month. When I received the offer it had been a year and a half since we filed bankruptcy!

    I took the card with the high interest becasue i needed to rebuild and i was willing to do it at any cost (well, not secured!) I guess I never realized how nice a card this is.
    I did call retention a month ago and got the 23.99% down to 16.9%, and will be going after a lower APR soon.

    So, I'm not sure I'd say it's 'hard' to get. Although I've been trying for cards lately and the only one I have gotten was the joke Next Card requiring a deposit and a Cap One with a $200 limit.. although I'm keeping the Cap one.

    My Providian has an excellent payment history.
  7. marci

    marci Well-Known Member


    I am in the same boat you are in. I have begged - and I mean begged - for
    a grace period on my gold card (2 years old and decent credit limit) and
    the retention reps have refused.

    I just BT'd the balance to my Citibank card and then called. Still, no dice.

    I don't understand it. I told them there was no way I could even use the
    card w/o a grace period now. It's frankly ridiculous.

    I may use Planetfeedback to get Providian to respond, but I'm hesitant
    that they will throw away my letter as frivolous, since I just wrote them
    in February for a credit line increase.

  8. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    Shelly- I think they have/had two levels of the platinum card. I don't think they offer the platinum cards on the subprime level anymore. I could be wrong, but I think someone stated before that a rep told them that. I know they gave platinum cards in the past a lot, but I think they are more selective now. Just my guess.

    Marci- I may use Planetfeedback as a last resort if they don't respond to the letter I sent. If that doesn't work, I'm just going to close the account. I don't need the aggravation. I also can't believe that they will not give long standing customers who have proven creditworthiness at least a grace period, but are giving new customers this feature. It's simply not fair. You would think they would do anything to keep customers who use the card and pay their bills on time. Go figure.

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