Providian Classic to Gold, benefits

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mike, Jul 14, 2001.

  1. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    My Providian Classic card is scheduled to expire 8/01. Today I got the card to replace it. It's a Providian Visa Gold. It has the same account number.

    Other than looking much nicer than the Classic is there any benefit?

    On the back of it is a reference to an 800 number for "Worldwide Travel and Emergency Assistance". This wasn't on the Classic.

    The insert the card came with had no terms at all.

    I tried the Providian website and found no information at all.

    Can anybody shed some light on this?


  2. DaveLV

    DaveLV Well-Known Member

    When I got my Visa gold from them my account number changed and I was able to verify with Visa that it was registered as a gold card. The gold benefits are here:

    Someone on the board said that they called on their account where the number wasn't changed and found out their account wasn't registered with Visa as a gold card. It seems that Providian also buys some benefit packages on their own that are similar to the Visa gold benefits, so you'd have to get a list of those from Providian.

    They just upgraded my Mastercard to gold and the account number didn't change. I haven't called Mastercard yet to find out what the story is, but I suspect it's similar to the Visa thing.
  3. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    Re: Providian Classic to Gold, bene

    Thanks for the link Dave!

    My God! A card that actually has benefits. What a concept.

    Perhaps I'm moving from sub-sub prime to sub-prime.

  4. FeliceRodo

    FeliceRodo Well-Known Member

    Re: Providian Classic to Gold, bene


    How long have you had your Visa Classic? Mine since 1999 already came with Gold Card Benefits, even though it is silver and a classic. I was curious to know if your Classic was the same as mine?

    BTW, my Classic since 1999 has had auto collision insurance, luggage theft insurance...etc.
  5. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    Re: Providian Classic to Gold, bene

    My Classic started as secured in 7/99 it was blue not silver. As far as I know I didn't have any benefits associated with this card.


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