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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Stormie, Jul 28, 2000.

  1. Stormie

    Stormie Guest

    Has anyone seen the new Providian commercials ? I was on my lunch break and saw three of them in under an hour. Wow they are really doing alot of advertising. I see know that they have included the Gold card, and the platinum card in their commercials. I noticed that the gold card started at 1,000 or about, wow just can't believe it. Wonder if you get any benefits with the card, like a lower apr or no annual fee, ect.... While it's great to give customers recognition for their credit standing, it is sad to see the Gold card lose it's recognition of exellence and usually the higher limit that came along with it. I guess thats why the titanium card came out. I hope they are offering their gold card customers the gold card benefits. Anyone have one of their new gold cards ? Whats the deal with that ? My Son Joe would get a kick out of that, having a gold card for the first time. Perhaps they will reward customers with no annual fee's and lower apr's, from the amount of customers they have they sure can afford it, right :)
  2. Jo

    Jo Guest

    Oooh, I wouldn't get too excited! They gave me my first platinum card-- with a whopping $1000 credit line! But even though the card was platinum, I was raped with annual fees and finance charges. They never pulled any crap with me though. So, I don't know- but I doubt that any gold or platinum card they have will compare at all to a REAL platinum card. Even the new Titanium cards aren't all that-- FirstUSA's Titanium card has a 15.9% APR with lines equal to platinum, and DMB has a Titanium Mastercard-- with credit lines of up to $10,000. I have a gold card (in theory, 2 steps down) with an $11,000.
    I think that the only real card with prestige is the Centurian (or "BLACK") Card from American Express- but again, with that $1,000 annual fee.....
  3. BarryN- Cr

    BarryN- Cr Guest

    anium shanium and hey CitiBank

    You are both correct. Names of cards mean squat these days.

    You can get a nice $200 limit on the Cap One Gold Card! Yehaw.

    I have the Providian Gold... 6K limit and some bennies, but it still has the high APR. I started with the 500 classic though. They have made a nice profit on my account. I can't complain though, they were the first to give me a second chance.

    I got a CitiBank Select Platinum today. I am in the world of real cards for the first time in 7 years! I am not sure how to handle it! :) "I Hope CitiBank Rep sees this...this was the last bank I would have expected this from"

    A real selective card is the MBNA Quantum. check it out. I think I will go apply! NOT

    Can't wait for the next -anium!


  4. creditwork

    creditwork Well-Known Member

    RE: anium shanium and hey Citi

    Closed my Providian account with a $11,300 limit, they would not budge on the 21.9% APR.
  5. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    "ium"-itis Afflicts

    Yes, with the fabulous success of the Platinum and Titanium cards, the credit card industry is poised to release a whole new array of different types of cards. For example:

    The Linoleum Card - Good only at Flooring America Stores

    The Lithium Card - Especially for manic-depressives

    The Helium Card - For credit lightweights. Max credit limit is $5.00.

    The Calcium Card - Especially for older women with osteoporosis.

    The Plutonium Card - For Nuclear Physicists everywhere. Glows in the dark.

    The Geranium Card - For gardeners.

    The Delphinium Card - For upscale gardeners. Comes with a higher limit than the Geranium card.

    The Cymbidium Card. Top of the line card for gardeners. Comes with a very high credit limit and a free subscription to "Orchid Lovers' Magazine."

    The Presidium Card - For former Politbureau members who are now capitalists and have stock options in a 'dot-com'.

    The Nauseum Card - A new offering from CCB. Don't ask.

    The Valium Card - For nervous shoppers everywhere.

    The Aluminum Card - For beer drinkers. There is a five cent deposit for the card, but you get it back when you close your account and return the card.

    The Proscenium Card - Especially for theatre goers. Comes with a subscription to PlayBill magazine.

    The Honorarium Card - Especially for infamous people on the lecture circuit who have written tell all books about their exploits. Monica and OJ have one.

    And of course:

    The Gymnasium Card - Good only for purchasing spandex clothing that's too tight. Free annual fee for overweight people.
  6. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    RE: "ium"-itis Affli

    The Helium Card was a bit over-expressive, but all in all very well done!

    I very much enjoyed the gardening series.
  7. Len

    Len Guest

    RE: "ium"-itis Affli

    I'd laugh but CCB upgraded me to the Nauseum Card in 1998 and I haven't been able to eat Mexican food since.
  8. Momofthree

    Momofthree Guest

    RE: anium shanium and hey Citi

    Congrats on your citbank Barry:)))
  9. Stormie

    Stormie Guest

    RE: "ium"-itis Affli

    yep thats about the way it is anymore. I think they will have to come up with some new names for these cards, I can't believe you can have a platinum card for a grand, guess there are no requirements on them anymore.
  10. Stormie

    Stormie Guest

    RE: anium shanium and hey Citi

    yes, congrats on your citibank card. I think they are a great bank. They've always been good to me. They have great customer service too.
  11. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    RE: anium shanium and hey Citi

    Congrats Barry! They are equal to AMEX, that's 4 sure :)
  12. T

    T Guest

    RE: anium shanium and hey Citi

    Credit limit for Citibank select platinum is as low as 1000. But they increase limit regularly.
  13. BarryN- Cr

    BarryN- Cr Guest

    RE: anium shanium and hey Citi

    How regular? I got 5k.
  14. T

    T Guest

    RE: anium shanium and hey Citi

    My friend got citibank card in 1987 started with 500.Then she call every 3 or 4 momth to demend credit increase .Most of time got approve ,scine she got other card and her credit limit of citibank card way above 10000,she never asked to increase limit.
  15. pat mcgarr

    pat mcgarr Guest

    RE: anium shanium and hey Citi

    The one difference is that a Providian Gold Card with a $3K limit provides rental car insurance when you use it, which saves about $25 per day.
  16. RichGuy

    RichGuy Guest

    A friend of mine has received at least two mailings (Providian is very persistent) that offer the Visa Gold with a $500 limit guaranteed, with 23.99% interest and a $59 annual fee. These terms are EXACTLY the same as for the Visa Classic, as is the $49 application fee.

    I don't think Providian will change their basic game plan any time soon.
  17. Stormie

    Stormie Guest

    No probably not, they are gaining hundreds of cardholders daily, and making a fortune do it. While they do carry high intrest rates, app fee's ect, they have helped alot of people get a credit card and start building credit. I just would have thought as these "upgrades" are offered they would have came with some of the perks. Like a lower interest rate. They certainly could afford it... I was surprized to see a few of their customers had been able to negotiate a lower interest rate and have their annual fee waived. That obviously isn't the norm. But I guess if your willing to try it can't hurt to ask.

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