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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by AC Brown, Feb 20, 2001.

  1. AC Brown

    AC Brown Guest

    It will be 120 day on the 26th of this month since I had a credit line increase, I never been late or over the limit but what my concern is I remember when I received the one in October is said you qualify if you have no more than 2 Providian accounts. I have 3 so I was wondering will I get one when I received the one in Oct I had 2 not 3 what do you think?
  2. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Call them on the 121st day

    Make certain it's at least 121 days between (start counting the day after your last increase). I don't think it matters how many cards you have, just that it's been 120+ since the last increase on THAT card.

    I would mark your calendar for each card. Course, the ONLY downside is that requesting increases bumps you out of their review cycle (because you're resetting the clock). If they're only offering you a line increase then who cares, you're saving their stupid line increase fees. But if you want to bump to Gold you have to let it go 5 months and hope they send you an upgrade.

    Except for upgrading to gold, there's NO downside to requesting for credit line increases.
  3. MrBond

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    Hey Marie

    Could you elaborate on the 5 month wait for a Gold upgrade with Providian? I have had my card since Sept.'99, and have had regular increases every 3 months. Last one was Oct.00, and no limit increase since. March 4 will be 5 months from that last increase. Never late or overlimit, and I carry a large balance (almost maxed). If they do offer an upgrade, should I ask for a better APR, too?


    BTW, this board is great. You all have provided some very helpful info over my months of lurking and reading.
  4. M

    M Guest

    it's actually 24 months

    Before you will get a gold upgrade, I'm told by their team. I know because I'm at 18 and they tried to upgrade me and the computer literally wouldn't

    So I just wanted to be clear, it's not 5 mos.

    You'll keep getting increases or you can call up and request one (and get it for free) if you're 120+. When they give you the increase manually, their clock for their reviews starts again.

    With respect to Gold: Their intro rate is 19.9 which sucked b/c my classic card is currently at 16.9.

    Asking for a better apr doesn't affect line increases at all. You can call them today if you want.

    I only ask for one thing per call. and try to have a reason. If you've been reading, you know what I mean :)

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