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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by James, Apr 4, 2000.

  1. James

    James Guest

    I have received a guaranteed approval letter from Providian Financial for a $500.00 visa card. All I have to do is send in a 49.00 processing fee. The say they will not even check my credit prior to issuing the card. Has any one had this same offer, and is it valid? Thanks for your help.
  2. derrick

    derrick Guest

    RE: Providian Guaranteed Appro

    My credit was non-existant, then I receieved the same application in the mail. This was 10/99. Today I have a $1500.00, credit protection, and a life insurance policy for $100,000. Not bad for 6 months worth of on time payments. Drawback: $49.00 for each new line of credit increase billed to your card. The way the new e-conomy is heading I needed this card. Hope I helped.
  3. John Debto

    John Debto Guest

    RE: Providian Guaranteed Appro

    It is a lie that they say "we will not check your credit."

    They reviewed your Equifax report before they sent you the offer, that's why you got it in the first place, because you had a low score.
  4. Barry N

    Barry N Guest

    RE: Providian Guaranteed Appro


    If it is a lie, it is a white lie. They have received his name because of a promotional inquiry into his credit report. Providian most often uses Experian. Of course they or Experian pulled his score, and gave it a green light. But this inquiry is not visible to other potential creditors. And it does not affect his credit score at all.


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  5. James Dave

    James Dave Guest

    RE: Providian Guaranteed Appro

    James,I know it seems strange talking to another James but this is real! I've had my Visa from Providian for almost two years and I'm more than satisfied with Providian. I didn't have a good credit history prior to receiving my card but now,with their help I have other cards and a much better credit status! I believe this was all due to Providian giving me a chance.Give them a try I think you'll be surprised.
  6. **bETH

    **bETH Guest

    RE: Providian Guaranteed Appro

    I second this. I am soooo satisfied with Providian also I receive my credit line increase last week.
  7. jennifer

    jennifer Guest

    RE: Providian Guaranteed Appro

    i would do it providian will and does report to that credit agency saying you pay on time or not i have been with them for 6 months and my limit has went up $300 not bad for a mom of 6 and baaaaad credit and because of them saying i pay on time gateway gave me this computer so yes do it i would

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