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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Just Telli, Jun 5, 2000.

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    First of all, lets face facts. If you even have a Providian card you deserve everything you get. Providian markets to stupid people and losers who have lousy credit and how have a proven record of not paying for the stuff they buy - even if that record looks clean due to deletions by statute. I feel good knowing that there is a whole class of leeches and losers out there who get harassed and abused by Providian, you guys truly deserve each other. Good luck and I hope this helps!
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    Introduction to the Truth

    Truth and facts were the last things on your mind, comrade.

    (1) Providian markets not only to people with lousy credit, but to people with fair credit or people with no credit. A girl at my workplace with a perfect credit record had to accept a Providian card just to get her second card and develop a credit record. I myself had perfect credit for years but was unable to get any credit cards at all. Then, a single freak judgment put me on Providian's mailing list. Providian fills a void that shouldn't exist. People with no credit at all, who are the smartest people in the world, can't get any credit.

    (2) If you have any credit outstanding at all, then you yourself are a "leech," since you have not yet paid for stuff you have bought. In addition, a poor credit record often consists of late payments, or failure to pay interest or late fees, or failure to pay overlimit fees on the late fees on the late fees. Those items have nothing to do with paying for what you buy.

    (3) Providian cannot possibly market to stupid people, since Trans Union cannot prescreen for stupidity. It's possible that stupid people respond to Providian offers in disproportionate numbers, but for some people acceptance can be a rational decision, the best possible alternative. The problem comes when Providian offers credit well past the point where the decision to accept it is rational. Excessive direct mail solicitations can make smart people stupid by sheer repetition. You yourself tried the same tactic in your mindless posting. I'm saying no to propaganda, whatever its source.
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    RE: Introduction to the Truth

    YEAH! what he said

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