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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Frank, Apr 26, 2001.

  1. Frank

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    All the crap and runaround I get on the retention lines is due to one thing: Providian knows.

    What they know is my credit score (587) and what other kinds of offers I would receive from other credit card lenders.

    They must monitor those other lenders and formulate their responses. What else explains how some may get reduced apr's, line increases, gold cards and grace periods? When the FICO goes up and a certain category is reached, you can bet Providian will start their own offers and methods to retain.

    Providian knows. And we customers are making fools of ourselves (at least somethimes, I know I have begged) when we make phone calls without the upper hand.
  2. am

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    Do they?

    For example, I don't have Providian, I have Capitol One.....but I also have high limit Citi.....several of them.
    So, I think at Cap 1 they really are stuck in a pre-planned mode for your type of account...unless you are proactive with it. Why do I have Cap 1? I thought I needed more trade lines and at the time didn't know what I was doing :) Now, the lines have some age and I don't wanna mess with that till I get a house. But, I don't think that stops you from trying and being very successful at it.
    Ask yourself, what are your chances if you don't ask?
    Just my thoughts
  3. Frank

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    Re: Do they?


    Good advice. I appreciate you. I was getting worn down, but I will push on and do everything possible to put myself in the very best position to receive better offers.

    Thank you :)
  4. am

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    Re: Do they?

    Thanks Frank, that was a cool thank you post.
    Keep it up! Just look at some of the wonderful leaps and bounds many of us have made here--I tell ya, it blows me away :)


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