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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Sally, Feb 28, 2001.

  1. Sally

    Sally Guest

    Hi Everyone:
    I really love this board. I have another question.

    Here is my scenario. I have a Providian Gold Visa. Opened the account in May 2000 with $400.00 credit line for 49.00. I received a credit line increase of $100.00 in November 2000. Then I received a $500.00 line increase in December 2000 for $99.00 fee. Total credit line now $1000.00. I want to call Providian Retention and ask for a $1000.00 additional line increase. What do you think my chances are. I have never been late, I use the hell out of the card and never over the limit. Please give me some idea's. Thank you to all...........
  2. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Search Prov: we've put up a lot of the best strategies.
    Overview is this: don't count on another loc increase. you're w/in their 120+ cycle. wait 121 days for that

    But call up and ask anyway. Tell them you're getting better offers: they'll say no to an increase, then ask them about interest rate red/ annual fee rebate. 16.9 is their best rate. they may offer 19.8, ask for better. If you don't get it on this call I'd call every month til you do. Terms (interest rate/annual fee) don't affect your loc increases at all. (you'll still be eligible for all the increases even if you get their best terms this month).

    After you do these: call up and add EITHER Dest Unlimited or Health Adv. Just one. You'll get the extra 200+ permanent line increase (they call it emergency credit) w/the program. Ok, I put a long post on it: but it's like this. Dest is for auto emergencies. Sign up. Wait a week and call up. Tell them you have an auto emergency: repairs costing 200+ (you want to access ALL the emergency line so it has to be over 200). They'll add a permanent 200 to your card. Then w/in the 30 days call and CANCEL the program. They'll refund the fees and interest, but you keep the 200+ in emergency credit. IF you don't call and ACCESS the extra 200, however, you won't get it at all.

    Health advantage is the same. But I'd do only 1 b/c their 120 day rule is this : no credit increase $201 or over w/in the last 120 days.

    You're in the middle of your cycle and if you did both programs you'd increase your limit 400, and you'd start the 120 day clock over again. Do one program now, call up and request a big line increase at 121 days (after your last 1000 increase), then after you get another big line increase, do the Health Adv program and access that emergency credit too. Cancel and get the program fee rebated.

    Addl, you don't have to pay for increases. I did this too. Save yourself 99 from now on. When you get the offer in the mail, don't send it in, just call up the regular number and ask if you qualify for an increase (the approval will be in the computer) but if they do it there's no fee. Send in the form and you'll get hit w/a fee.

    In may, call up and get your annual fee rebated, again. If you're getting 1K offers you're on their best track! Keep it up! I went from 500-5600 in 16 months.
  3. *Beth

    *Beth Guest

    I just gave Providian a call last night to ask about when I should receive my next credit line increase because I haven't receive one since November and I ask about getting my APR reduced the CS Rep did that with no hesitation and praise me for my excellent payment history with them and by the time I finish talking with him he had offer me four different options but I did not take either one I am waiting on my offer that will come in the mail this month and to see if it's a better offer than the other 4 he offer.
  4. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Beth that makes absolutely no sense. What they send you in the mail will be the same as what they're offering you. And, when it comes in the mail it'll have fees attached.
  5. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member


    What were the 4 options?
  6. mother2

    mother2 Well-Known Member

    I would just call and ask

    I called the rentention dept yesterday and got a $1k increase.
  7. *Beth

    *Beth Guest

    Re: I would just call and ask


    1. Gold Card with 19.8 APR and 1,000 credit line increase

    2. 19.8 APR no line increase

    3. Gold Card with 1,000 offer and refund my 59.00 annual fee back to my card.

    3. 19.8 APR with 1,000 credit line increase But I stuck to the 16.9 APR no line increase to see what I will get in the mail offer?

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