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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by john, May 2, 2001.

  1. john

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    I have posted a few times on this site that I have an Aria card with a 2600 CL. It started 14 months ago as a 500 line, went to 1600, then to 2600(in march) and I didn't request or pay for any of these increases(nor will I).

    I carry about $1000.00 balance on this card for the sake of getting decent increases and to make my credit report look a little better. I know I probably shouldn't do this because of the high APR but I make a very good salary so the 200 bucks in interest per year isn't a big deal. Having available credit and building a good history is worth at least that if not much more.

    And I really hate the look of the card. Now that I have a Citibank Platinum my Aria card will only be used for internet or emergency purchases only. People kinda give me funny looks when I pull out the old yellow and orange card.

    So here is what I want to do:

    I really want the CL to be at least $5,000 so the ratios on my credit report don't hurt my credit score.

    I really want to get the Aria Platinum card. It is still a little funny looking but at least it's not yellow and orange.

    My FICO ranges anywhere from 599 to 660 depending on which CR Aria pulls.

    And I know PlanetFeedback is always an option but I only want to use that if my other attempts to get what I want fail.

    I have looked around and couldn't find any info on what kind of FICO score Aria requires for this card.

    Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated.

    John : )
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    I don't know about Aria, but I had a Providian card with a line up to $11,100. I closed it because they would not give me a better rate than the 23+APR. I have been able to build all my cards to at least $5000 limits by exercising my credit lines. I borrow close to the max, then make payments of about 10%. If the rate goes above 10% after 6 months, I pay the balance and let the account sit idle for a couple of months. Usually, I get another teaser rate offer or a line increase within the 2 months.
    This is the principle I have successfully applied with CreditWorks. It Works.

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