Providian lowered my rate..WHY ???

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dinob12, Jul 14, 2001.

  1. dinob12

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    I just got my Providian Gold Card Statment..I have a $300 limit on my GOLD and a $300 limit on my Getsmart Card..Well when I recieved my Gold Card in April it stated that I had a APR of 23.99 and not it states that I have a APR of 20.59..I know it is not much of a drop but why did they drop my APR..I am wondering if it is because I had 18 transactions since my last statement and I have sent in 5 payments within that time frame ?? I have looked at my last statement and it was 23.99 as well and during that period I had 12 transactions and 3 payments..Could it be because of the 14 payments that I have made in the last 4 months or is it just because I am using the card heavily ?? THIS HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE ?

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