Providian Mastercard?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Melissa, Mar 16, 2001.

  1. Melissa

    Melissa Well-Known Member

    Okay I have had it since 11/00 so I am wondering if Providian increases limits on the mc like they do with the visa:) I currently have a 500 dollar limit but hope to have more to increase my available credit/debt ratio. right now it is at 51% according to my merged report and that is with the capital one charged off card and citibank both over their original limits.
  2. SEAN

    SEAN Well-Known Member


    They review on the fourth month, so you should be receiving a letter in the mail. That is assuming you had no late payments and did not go over your assigned credit line.

  3. Melissa

    Melissa Well-Known Member

    nope, I have had zero late pays and I haven't even come close to the limit. This is our gas card essentially:) Paid in full every month.
  4. sean2

    sean2 Guest

    Just be patient. I started at $500 in 4/00, now I am at $3400. Not the best rates, BUT they are like clockwork with increases.
  5. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Your rates should be no higher than 16.9 and you can easily get your annual fees refunded. Then Prov is a pretty good deal, all things considered. If you need strategies, just search Providian.
  6. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member


    We responded to the same offer :)
    When this statement closes, call. I'm on vacation when it hits so I'm calling April 1st.

    The next round of MC offers were at 1,000 each. So I'm going to ask for a 2k increase and see what I get. I tend to be able to get 1k pretty easily from them. Let us know how you do.
  7. Marypc

    Marypc Well-Known Member

    Re: Melissa

    Again, I have to say I have a 2k unsecured Providian Visa. Never late, always paid more than the minimum, perfect history. I got no increases until I complained to the corporate offices. That was 6 wks ago, and now, no one can tell my why I cant seem to get any other upgrades. I know Providian is great for most people, but the increases are not like clockwork for everyone. It may depend on howmuch you start off with, I dont know.

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