Providian/money order update

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by S.D., Jan 22, 2001.

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    I checked my account thru the automated phone thing, and I had a credit balance of $213.00.
    They posted my $250 money order (it's about time) on Friday. Anyway, I should have still had a balance, so when they said I had an extra $213, I decided to call and see what was up. While they were "investigating" what had happened to the money order, they had given me a temporary $250 "increase"? Anyway, my money order did get there and I wasted $2.75 at the P.O.
    Marvin, luckily I didn't have to call them for the increase. They just gave it to me...temporarily. Thanks for all who helped with my M.O. problem.
    And be CAREFUL!! Keep all receipts and what not!! =0)

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