Providian/Planet Feedback Update

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by supershawn, Aug 4, 2001.

  1. supershawn

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    Ok- so I wrote to Providian through PlanetFeedback. Basically I said, thanks for the card, but, I am unhappy that I have had it three years, no lates, pay it off frequently, and my CL had only been raised twice- both of which I had to pay for.

    Well, 2 weeks later (now), I received a letter in the mail saying that 'someone would be in touch'. I've yet to hear anything, BUT, I went to the Providian web site today and my CL increased 100.00. From 2700.00 to 2800.00. Odd.

    I can only guess that this is from the letter. The only other increase I am expecting from them is the 150.00 as result of the class-action suit. I am not sure when that is supposed to appear.


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