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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Shelly, Mar 4, 2001.

  1. Shelly

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    I have a serious problem with providian and I'd like to hear your opinions on this...

    I currently have a providian Visa with a limit of $3600 and the current balance is $3140. I make payments monthly or bi-monthly of between $500 and $1500 and have never been late. I expect to pay this balance off in two months.I've had the account for a year or so, I think.

    I keep up on my Providian account and my bank account by checking online and monitoring my accounts. One day last week I logged on to the providian site to look at my account and it showed that I had $0 available for credit and $460 available for cash. That is an odd thing.. so, I called them and I was told that a $400 over the phone payment I had made earlier in the month was returned NSF from my bank.

    I called my bank because I KNEW that was impossible, as I had plenty of money in my bank account.

    My bank tells me that Providian NEVER submitted the $400 payment and therefore it couldn't have been denied. (and the bank said it never would have been denied anyway because I had over $2000 available in my account for the entire month.

    I call Providian back and tell them that this is their fault... they tell me the phone check was re-submitted for payment and that my account is 'blocked' until March 9th (which is two weeks later!)at which time they would reevaluate the account and see if the $400 payment had cleared 'this time'

    I was LIVID. I had some automatic payments that were coming thru that ultimately denied and I had to call and pay for them with my debit card.

    I raised hell about TWO NSF charges on my Providian account, which were removed.. but my bank shows that the re-submitted $400 payment cleared on March 1st and my account is still blocked until March 9th!

    So.. I've determined that I need to transfer my balance to another account. I have applied for the Amex Blue card.. but I don't know if I'll qualify.

    Here is my history...

    We filed bankruptcy in 1998

    We bought our house in 2000 and had no problems. The only thing we had to wait on was until our bankruptcy was 2 years old.

    We bought a car in December 2000 (I had to buy the car in my name because my credit was better than my husbands because I had been reestablishing my credit with the providian account.)

    Our combined income is $75,000 a year with a house payment of $725, car payment of $338. We have NO other debt or credit cards.

    Are my chances good to get the Amex Blue?

    I think I will be denied since they weren't able to tell me over the phone if I got it or not.. and isn't that just a polite way of telling you that you're denied? The guy said I'll be notified in 3-4 weeks. (I just think that a denial is imminent) Anyone else wait for Blue's 3-4 weeks and actually GET one?

    Can anyone suggest another card to transfer balances to in the event that I don't get the Blue card?

    I cannot use Citibank, any FCNB (Spiegel) or First USA because we had those cards included in our bankruptcy case.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. sam

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    Re: um no

    Don't expect to get an amex blue with ANY major derog info.

    All of my items are over 4 years old, and i was declined. They recommend 24 months of payment on two major credit cards before even "considering" a special case instance for any of their products.

    Amex is VERY hard to get, and damn near impossible with any negatives.
  3. Eboni

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    Re: um no

    I don't think Amex will give you a card if you had a bankruptcy.
  4. Shelly

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    Re: um no

    Does anyone know if I can remove my AMEX application before it posts as an inquiry on my credit report then?

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