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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Doris K., Mar 19, 2000.

  1. Darrel

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    It sounds as though you're doing a nice job.

    Work at lowering your Visa balance and try to resist the urge to go rate-shopping for credit cards.

    I look at interest rates this way: It's good to have a low rate, but if you have a high rate and quickly pay down the balance on the card, the pain the high-rate card causes you is negligible.

    Betcha you'll be sitting pretty in 6 months to a year. You've accumulated a lot of credit for somebody who is 20. Pay it back quickly and responsibly and you'll be able to write your own ticket.

    Much good luck.
  2. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    I have had my Providian Visa for four years. I have never had a problem with them. My payments have always posted quickly & have never been lost. Customer service has been nothing but helpful when I have had to call. I know they are a huge company & occasionally you are bound to come in contact with a rep who is not very pleasant. That happens with any company. However, I have yet to experience this. Providian has upgraded my account to a gold card & my limit is over $6,000. They do monitor some customer's outside credit to determine eligibility for specific increases & upgrades, but what credit company doesn't these days?
    I did have to call customer service to complain about my apr. Even though I have received excellent service, I was ready to close my account because of this issue. They immediately reduced my interest rate to %16 & waived my annual fee. No complaints here!
  3. jennifer

    jennifer Guest

    i went to and it was about course studies...are you sure that is the correct addy??
  4. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    You should go to
  5. unsatisfie

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    I also have had an Aria platinum visa for about a year. It started at 0.0% first three months then went to 12.99%. I had a Radio shack card that was @ 24%, so I transfered a balance of appx. $600. at first I was paying 12.99 then they treated it as a cash advance @ 21.99%. When I asked about it , they said I should have read the fine print (true) I am going to payoff the card in full and then just keep this card for emergencies. I feel ripped off!
  6. portercm

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    This is for ALS, try going to They have a APR no higher than 12.9% or as low as 2.9%. I did a balance transfer with them for $4200.00 worth of transfers and they gave me a card even with my 6 credit cards, one car loan and oodles of credit inquiries. This might help you out. Good Luck with you!

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