Providian Reps are Notetakers

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Frank, Apr 10, 2001.

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    I know there is renewed competition between cap one and Providian for customers, when I read the comments here. Nevertheless, I think Providian reps who answer the phones in retention takes notes on what you say. I can't prove it, but I noticed a comment made to me by a rep last week was something I had said three months ago. I didn't get a lower apr, and I think games are being played between consumer and rep. They must get a bonus or other incentive for NOT lowering apr's and keeping customers, so the bank makes MORE money.

    Just a thought. Anyone else agree or comment?
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    Re: Providian Reps are Notetak

    Well they probably do take notes. A few moons ago I did techsupport for Gateway and the call system program used was Vantive. It has all your info and even a coments section. I was told by someone else that it was similar to the ones that banks use. A friend of mine girfriend does customer service for BofA. So what ever you say it will be logged.

    Hell I logged everything too when I took calls. It saves your butt and makes customer look like an idiot.
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    Re: Providian Reps are Notetak

    Long story about "notes" and Nextcard

    My brother in law has a Nextcard account. No annual. His thinking is to not use it for awhile. One day (about two months down the line) he finds out that he has been charged a $10.00 fee by Nextcard and with him being late, the balance was now over $75.00

    So he called the Nextcard cs and raise holy hell. Nextcard informs him that the $10.00 is for a picture of him imposed on his Nextcard. Now folks understand something here, my brother in law is tight, as tight as they come he would never think twice of paying $10.00 to put his sorry ass face on a credit card. So he requested the fees be removed and with much demanding the cs tells him that she will remove the late charges but he must pay the balance. Upon paying the balance Nextcard will credit his account and send him a refund. Now I am hearing all this on the phone and I whispered to him to make sure the cs "notes" this deal on her computer. The cs assures him of such.

    Quess what? They remove one late charge and left the second one. They credited his payment and demanded more to clear his account.

    The second cs rep said that the only "notes" that were mentioned are a removal of the first charge. Hell, they cannot even determine what charge started all this. So my brother in law is now determine to resolve this. He demanded her name and to speak with the supervisor. The cs refused to give her name but did get a supervisor on the line. My brother in law and the supervisor are hashing this out. The supervisor finally breaks down and told my brother in law that he will wipe out all charges and that his credit will not be tarnished. Than BOOM, phone goes dead. You guess it, they were disconnected. So my brother in law tries to call back but the new cs rep has no notes or knows which supervisor he was speaking to. In the end the supervisor did keep his word and his last statement shows a credit balance.

    So, I do hope they take notes and good notes. B/C if accurate notes are not taken the cusomter will be on the losing side of a dispute.

    Best regards,
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    Re: Providian Reps are Notetak

    When I called Providian retention a couple of days ago, the rep told me
    that he wished he could grant my request for a grace period because
    he said retention reps actually get "bonuses" for every benefit they can
    add to a customer's account. He said they don't get paid for it, but they
    get internal rewards or points.

    So, I don't think Providian reps get bonuses for *not* helping customers
    (at least not in retention).


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