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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mikenyc69, Jun 17, 2001.

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    hello everyone... here is my story regarding providian financial. I called customer service the other night and asked them about the cash advance limits, she replied 100.00 a day, I stated I need 900.00 dollars in cash and is there anything she can do for me.. by the way, my limit is only 975.00 and the last 12 months of good payment history. since there was nothing she could do, I asked for her supervisor, I asked the supervisor if there was anything she could do for me, she stated no. So I asked her how long have I had the account? She stated since 1997, and I said since 1997 and only a 975.00 credit limit and 100.00 a day cash advance limit? I then said to her to close my account and maybe I would be connected to retention. Well, Guess what? She CLOSED my account without going to retention. Well, All in all, I am ok with it. I just recieved 2 secured credit cards from New York area banks which I am thrilled.. Chase and HSBC. So I will never accept any offer from Providian Financial as they treat there customers like crap.. The supervisor also stated that the credit cards are geared toward people rebuiling credit... whatever that means, I guess treat customers like crap.. I was also told about 2 months ago that my visa classic has gold card benefits. I doubt that seriously. I also still have capital one with a 700.00 limit, lets see how they treat me... have a nice day people and I hope I did not bore you with this story. I just wanted to get this off my chest and this is the perfect forum.. Bye.. Mike
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    Welcome Mike,Cap1 seems to be more generous with their limit increases and interest rates.I would suggest that you work them on an increase because if you have had their card as long as you had your Providian you should be rewarded.I would suggest also that you continue to read and post your ?'s on this board,it is really a great source of info and ideas.Welcome again.
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    thanks River

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