Providian Success!!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by PSUgirl, Apr 23, 2001.

  1. PSUgirl

    PSUgirl Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    I just found out from Providian that my credit line was increased $100.00. Thats great to me because I was told over and over that I would have to wait for automatic increases. A really sweet guy in their Executive offices did me a favor! The $100.00 credit line that they had originally given to me was horrible. But, Im excited because come June, my account will be eligable for automatic TU file is getting in better and better shape. My limit with Providian will jump far!

  2. PSUgirl

    PSUgirl Guest

    For got to add that I also got my annual fee refunded to me!


  3. Kelly

    Kelly Well-Known Member

    Keep up the good work. You are inspiring me to call. I just got my annual $100 increase. Along with the fee :-(


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