Providian - The Liars

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by David, Apr 4, 2000.

  1. David

    David Well-Known Member

    So their customer service is better! 23.99 is a ripoff, and who says their claims of credit line increases will be made. I have been with them almost 6 months with no increase, and I have a payback ratio of over 80 percent.

    Seems to me that some get better deals than others. Providian is fleecing the suckers.
  2. Eric

    Eric Guest

    I've had a card with them for 15 months. I've gone from $400 to $2600 in limits, with an upgrade to gold in the middle somwhere.

    The key to a sub-prime credit card is making perfect payments.

    In my opinion, Providian is better than others. I also have two United Trust cards. After one year, they have gone from $250 to $350, and they will be cancelled as soon as I get the bill for an annual fee.

    When you are behind the eight ball on your credit, you have to be patient.
  3. GS

    GS Guest

    DAVID BE PATIENT, If your credit was really bad, it may take a couple of months more.
    In 18 months I went from $500 to $5000.
    Yes there interest rate is a little higher,
    but it could be worse, you could have a
    CROOKS COUNTRY BANK CARD. Now theere is a rip-off bank. Anyway if you have paid on time and never been over limit then your
    increases will come. Providian is a good
    Co. despite the interest rate. I even had my interest rate lowered. Just don't get a CCB card, with them your payment history means
  4. jeff

    jeff Guest

    how does there credit card work?
    what is there number
  5. Kathie

    Kathie Guest

    I got my card in August with a $500 limit, right on the day of the 6th month they increased my limit to $1,000. Their online account information is very good too, so I would add agree with the others to be patient and pay on time they will deliver what they promise. I am very pleased with this bank, which for me is a "big" change.
  6. ac

    ac Guest

    I got my Providian about 2 years ago, credit
    limit of $500. I now have a limit of $3,750.
    The interest rate is outrageous, but who cares since I pay my balance each month. I
    have no desire of getting over my head ever
    again. But I sure like the $3,750!
  7. Bob

    Bob Guest

    I've had a Providian for over 2 years and gone from $800 to a $6,000 line. I've made every payment on time and NEVER late. So far they have increased it every 6 mo.s on the nose.
  8. jennifer

    jennifer Guest

    i say you should be patient too my limit in october when i started was $250 now it is $530 so as they say patience is a virtue
  9. Jeanette

    Jeanette Guest

    I wish I would have known about CCB before, I have been with them since Oct 99, and have yet been able to speak to anyone in management or gotten an increase. I have paid my balance of several times and gotten no type of acknowledgement, and they've charge late charges on my account because they didnt post my payments on time. I HATE THEM.
  10. bg

    bg Guest

    Jeanette welcome to the Club, The Club membership is up to several thousand. It's
    hard to keep track of because there are so many new members each day. Eventually we will have more members than CROOKS COUNTRY
    BANK has customers. When that day comes maybe
    we can shut them down for good.
  11. Fish

    Fish Guest

    I see Providian as a pretty good deal IF YOU PAY ON TIME..I've gone from $800. limit 2 years ago to a VISA GOLD with a limit of $5500. now. You have to pay on time and be patient, the interest is somewhat higher but I've never had a customer service problem or any other problem with them. I'd say that out of alot of them out there if you do it right then Providian is a good deal.
  12. Laura

    Laura Guest

    I have only had my credit card for 10 months and I have went from a $500 limit to a $3500 limit. It just takes time and patience. Sure, the interest rates are a little high, but it has been worth every penny to me. That little piece of plastic has gotten me out of some bad jams!!!

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