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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by art, Apr 5, 2000.

  1. art

    art Guest

    i have a providian visa platinum card, with a credit limit of $500 i need to know if i can go over the limit and what will the penalty be?
  2. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    Come now you mean $5000. While the past year has seen formerly premium gold cards go from a minimum $5000 limit to something you wipe off your shoe (Capital One's $250 Gold Card is so coooooooool) I have not heard the slightest hint or rumour whatsoever about the same happening to Platinum. In fact, I've heard quite good things said by those who hold a Providian Platinum card.

    Regarding the latter all the information you require on this is stated right on the back of your statement and in depth with the documention you received when you opened your account.

    You would do well to read it.
  3. Doyle

    Doyle Guest

    Are you referring to the silver Providian card with the big "P" on it? This is not a platinum card. The "P" is for "Providian". I made the same assumption.

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