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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Lucardarus, Apr 13, 2000.

  1. Lucardarus

    Lucardarus Guest

    I have a Providian Visa but have had mixed results with this card. Can anyone elaborrate on this? I paid my bill off on this card and tried to get a better card with a lower rate and they declined me. Why? I have almost perfect credit. please e-mail or reply on this. Thanks
  2. creditwork

    creditwork Well-Known Member

    I have a Providian card. They charge a very high interest rate. They have not even sent me a teaser rate. The account has now gone unused for several months. They have not acted like my other creditors. Other than their high rates and slow to raise limits, they are OK.
  3. GS

    GS Guest

    Providian's rate is higher than most, although I have seen posts on here where
    the customer has asked them for a lower rate and got it. One I remember asked for a lower rate and was declined so he. He told them to close his account and they lowered his rate
    to 17%. But I wouldn't recomend trying that unless you are serious about closing. As
    far as raising limits, I've had a providian
    card for 2 years, I started with a $500
    limit and in less than two years they raised
    my limit to $5000 and a gold card. It sounds
    like their not consistent with their raises.
    Their customer service has always been friendly to us. But that's just our experience with them. Their alot better than
    CCB in all aspects. Like I said this is just our experience with them.
  4. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    Sometimes the only way to get them to budge is to threaten to terminate your relationship with them. If you are in a position to do without the account, call them up and ask to cancel the account. I'm virtually certain that you will be immediately transferred to a "retention specialist" who will ask you what your objections are and will have the authority to do things like lower the interest rate. Credit line increases typically require review of a credit report, but they may be empowered to raise your credit line some percentage without doing that.

    If you agree to their offer, be sure to request that they send you a letter stating the new terms of your account. Check your next statement to ensure that the new terms are reflected on the statement. There might be a one statement lag if your request was processed on or near the statement closing date.
  5. Down Low N

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  10. Jim

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    RE: Providian Visa Annual Incr

    I too did not receive any type of increase from Providian until after I called them (8 months down the line) and pursued the matter. It seemed that every time I called Providian they were willing to up my credit only if I bought into one of their programs for $130-200...........they rep apologized and they increased my limit $1000 ---- that was back in December. Others I have talked to say they Providian does increase annually and sometimes every six months or so??? Is this annual increase come after 12 full months???

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