Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mwj, Jun 16, 2000.

  1. mwj

    mwj Guest

    Anybody heard any negative info?
  2. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    Mwj, when one decides to post a new topic one finds there are only two options right above it, one of them is called search.

    In case you've never heard of it, here's how it works, you choose that option which brings you to a small screen wherein ou type in Providian, but there are literally hundreds of posts on that topic a month, so you modify your search and include negative or bad and their you have it.

    Simple isn't it.
  3. Sandy

    Sandy Guest

    I got a card through providian. They are very good. But you have to pay the bill on time every month. Not one day late. If you do they will give you increases in your credit line every couple of months. I used the card to try and get straight after a divorce. My credit line went from 1000 to 2500 in one year but you can not pay one day late or you will get a late fee of 29
  4. Darrell

    Darrell Guest


    There are better ways to make your point. Please have a nice day.
  5. -->ME&l

    -->ME&l Guest

    Your a moron ya know. Guy asked a question and you waste his time explaining something he either didn't know about or could have gotten a FRESH NEW responce from. Do everybody in this world a favor stop wasting server space and everybodies time by posting smart azz responces by either 1. shooting yourself in the head. 2 jumping off a small house so you suffer before death.

  6. rl

    rl Guest

    Chill Steven Z !!!

    I have a copy of a class action suit recently filed against Providian provided to me by an attorney also filing a similar suit. It alleges alot of misconduct on behalf of Providian, such as illegal postings of fees(Late charges and over the limit), Fee based products (Credit protection) AND ON AND ON. Beware, I think they all provide similar practices.
  7. bg

    bg Guest

    DAMN STEVEN, is it your time of the month,
    or what, this response is unusual coming from
    you. Hope your ok!
  8. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    bg, picture for a minute instead of Providian this question was asked of CCB, I daresay you would feel tempted to respond "are you blind MAN there are virtually hundreds, nay thousands of postings on this topic, are you that lazy, that stupid that you cannot take even a few minutes to read them out before asking this question SHEESH!"

    I recall the 'bad old days' on the old board where we were deluged almost daily with similar uniformed postings, mostly about CREDICORP, but seemingly about anything else under the sun, even if it had nothing to do about credit.

    Lets just say the responses those solicited from one's like J. Edgar, MichaelOH, myself and wonderful postings by "Customer Service" and "The President" were not the most polite (though unlike -->ME<-- we can actually spell and make sense), sick and tired of individuals who wouldn't demonstrate the least effort or common courtesy to even glance at the responses to the exact same question usually 2-3 threads directly beneath!!

    I will say this much many of those posters were led directly to the site via threads from search engines, made one post (almost always neglecting to leave their email address but somehow still expecting a return response) and usually never returned.

    Of course with mwj its different, he's been here at least several days, posts on Providian (a very popular topic) are a daily occurence, even a cursory glance will show numerous of such and even the most basic search will show much more.

    By refusing to do so mwj has demonstrated how lazy he is (a practise usually demonstrated by those who don't bother to look at the Terms and Conditions of the credit card agreement) as well as showing he has no patience e.g. his repeat of his exact same question on Chapter 13's but a mere day later.

    Oh the sub-prime creditors LOVE this type of 'SUCKER'.
  9. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    Tell me rf will you have any sympathy for mwj when he returns to this site some 6 months from now complaining about Providian because he rushed to acquire their card before spending the time and energy to check up on them; no I didn't think so.

    As far as the class action suit against Providian (there are a number of them ongoing) filed last summer so blatant was its misconduct, an individual might know this if he spared the time to do a little search where earlier threads describe these in more detail.

    Also, its a pity these take so damn long, makes filing a personal lawsuit a hell of alot more convenient if you are looking for quick justice.
  10. Kathie

    Kathie Guest

    I recently referred two friends to this board and I would hope that their questions, although sophmoric next to your obvious level of expertise, will be greeted with a little more professionalism and civility. Having credit problems is usually not something people can talk about with their friends and family, so having a "safe" place to go for information is extremely valuable. Credit recovery is serious business, please remember that you too began at the beginning.
  11. Kathie

    Kathie Guest

    Again....can you temper your condescending remarks? A simple, and polite, reference to the search abilities regarding Providian would have been appropriate. And, in lieu of the negative responses you have received you might consider an apology instead of compounding the problem.
  12. FISH

    FISH Guest

    I agree you could have put it nicer!! I thought this was one of the nicer boards where you could get info, NOT smart remarks
  13. FISH

    FISH Guest

    I have not ONE thing bad to say about Providian. I have always received increases from them, some with a fee and some without one. I recently received an upgrade to a Gold card and now have a 6500 limit and a lower interest 4 percent. The customer service has always been good I guess it has to do with how you handle your account and your MOUTH
  14. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    RE: Put in the work or ...

    "please remember that you too began at the beginning."

    True enough and that 'beginning' was January 99 when open logging to Credinet Message Board for the first time I did what I have done on every other message board regardless of the topic, that is, after skimming through some of the bolder titles begin my reading at the bottom of the messages and work my way back to the top.

    You see this method gives me a sense of the board, the style of posts and posters and most importantly the content and any responses.

    In this manner if I wanted to know something about say Orchard Bank, I would have come across any number of previous posts instead of LAZILY just posting "does any one have info on Orchard Bank"

    Kathie how would you react if somebody posted a question about Providian, upon examining it you would see nothing out of the ordinary, in contrast it would be virtually identical to another posted hours earlier, another late the night before and at least a dozen more of these during the past week, 3-4 of these you personally took the time and effort to answer yourself. With the certain knowledge that any number of these would be following in the immediate future.

    A nightmare right, made worse by the fact that rarely did the person who posed this question ever respond, sometimes, incredulously, he/she would post the exact question the next day!!! But it didn't end there, many, too many to count, believed with certainty this is Providian's home site, are demanding refunds, posting their private info, making threats, others are just as certain that this is Cross Country Bank's home site, or First USA's site or every credit organisation under the sun including government agencies, the CRA's and Fair Isaac.

    Yet each and every one of these posters logged on with the Credinet BBS "MESSAGE BOARD" staring them directly in the face and still unbelieveably, impossibly even continued to make these kind of posts on a daily basis.

    Then there were the others who having grasped the idea that this was a message board proceeded to post such gems daily as

    "give me credit"
    "give me credit cards"
    "I have no more credit can you give me some"
    "I need to apply for credit"
    "how do you apply for credit"
    "how do you apply for online credit"

    "My credit is bad"
    "my credit needs helping"
    "My credit is bad fix it"
    "My credit is bad I need bankruptcy"

    And these were some of the intelligible, even legible one's!!!!

    Naturally in swept every scamster, 'fly by night' credit repair company, vulture, credit card affilate and crook in the credit card industry looking to take advantage of these 'easy pickings' then top it all off with some viscious, profanity filled flamers (several of these were pissed at the treatment they 'believed' they received from the site's owners and were posting under numerous trolls and as other members) and there you had the Credinet BBS pre March 15.

    With the new format came the two most requested options, i.p. logging and search capabilities.

    I am happy to say that the vast majority of such postings have disappeared, whether because of the format, a general rise in intelligence or perhaps the mere addition of ad banners have convinced people that this is a credit site called Credinet, furthermore, the crooks,spammers and flamers have been run off their i.p.'s banned and any new one's are jumped on immediately.

    Nicer? Compared to the 'old days' this board is a HEAVEN, but in case you feel otherwise there are other options but beware as this selected quote (from Barry N) demonstrates (and that I know you'll love bg) all is not peace and tranquillity.

    "I imagine what you are really after Christine is an enviroment of LAN, where you are system admin, and you can control the actual use and content of the network.

    So, if you want to control the discussions, users, and agendas... then I suggest you take this site off the net. Or at the very least turn it into a "members only" venue. This way all the regulars will have a place to come to help themselves and the casual creditnik will know to go elsewhere.

    This forum has become a negative experience for me. So in order to maintain some sense of serenity, I will simply move on

    Hence, I will go back to the dysfunction of CreditNet's BBS, where at least they are not into rampant censorship."

    OUTHOUSE.COM indeed!

    An apology? Rather I will state this if any individuals are too lazy and impatient to put in even the slightest effort to get the information in a field that DEMANDS, huge amounts of ENERGY, endless PATIENCE and the willingness to devote a lot of TIME to garner any results, then go no further than posting "Whats the best credit repair service" get your answer, make your choice and leave it and here to that.
  15. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    RE: Put in the work or ...

    Whatever the case, I always look forward to Steven's posts. Unlike others who tend to be quite blunt, Steven always has something good to contribute.

    His descriptions of things and situations are so vivid and expressed so well that no matter how you perceive them (and I'm quite sure he doesn't care how we perceive them), you can't deny that his observations are quite accurate and logical. Usually when I read one of his posts, my reaction is "Damn! I never thought of it that way, but I think he's onto something."

    Who knows? Maybe he'll drop dead of a stress-related illness before he's old enough to find more than a few gray hairs. Still, we owe a lot of credit to the thinkers of the world. You're tops on my list, Steven!
  16. Sandy

    Sandy Guest

    I agree with you Fish. They have treated me just fine. In fact, although the interest rate is higher than other cards, they did not ask me for a security deposit. Which would have been tough to come up with going through a divorce.
  17. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    RE: I really do enjoy this cre

    Your making me blush:)

    After just finishing another post complimenting you I wouldn't be surprised if some loser claims I'm "sucking up" to you.

    As for the grey hairs afraid its too late for that been steadily gaining them all through my 30's, (heredity, I presume, a younger brother has been 'afflicted' such since his teens) though I find I still have a youthful approach as "recently" still means a couple of months to me :)

    And Doris, no need to worry about stress doing me in, in contrast I'm GREAT under pressure, its the rest of the time that I'm so damn lazy, combine that with all the crap I eat and my sedentary lifestyle and I'll be looking to highlight that Stacker2 button pretty damn soon :)
  18. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    Providian? Ick! Stay away. The originators of the late payment scam. The originators of cramming useless things onto your bill like credit protection. The originators of telemarketing scams where you tell them you don't want to join their travel/auto/whatever club and they bill you for it anyway. The originators of "We're going to pull your credit report every month and if you are late paying SOMEONE ELSE even though you've paid us on time for years, we're going to jack up your interest rate." All of this is the subject of several class action lawsuits and government investigations.
  19. Len

    Len Guest

    RE: I really do enjoy this cre

    You make important and helpful contributions to this board, Steven, even when you're snippy about it:)
  20. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    All good points

    You can add the 'market leader' in raising their interest rates and saturating the media with their ads.

    Lets face it, at the prime level their cards are mediocre at best and fare poorly when compared with their more prestigious counterparts.

    While at the sub sub-prime level (they NEVER grant anybody their sub prime Aria Portrait so that tells you their intentions right there) its a piece of crap with its only saving grace being it reports to the CRA's, and even that they've turned into a detriment.

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