Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jzilla, Jul 5, 2001.

  1. jzilla

    jzilla Well-Known Member

    Just got my giggle for the day. Got a pre-approved offer for a Providian Smart Card with a "gasp" $300 limit and "bigger gasp" 23.9% apr. Oh Gee! Funny, they approved me for an Aria 3 mos ago with a $700 limit and I turned that down. Needless to say, I had fun flying Providian paper airplanes for the cats to chase!
  2. matty61184

    matty61184 Well-Known Member

    lol, do you know your credit score. Is everything in good shape, or are things not so good w/ ur payment history?
  3. jzilla

    jzilla Well-Known Member

    My FICO thru Equifax is 642. I haven't had a late pay in 5 years. I have 6 major cards with credit limits upwards of $1500 (all but two over 1 year old, 2 close to 2 years old), two retail cards and a 13 month old car loan, all with perfect pays. I'm still in subprime hell so to speak: I have 3 collection accounts on each CRA-all medical, due to fall off in 2003. I'm not in to bad of shape. My Union Plus card just upped my limit to $2500 from $1500 so I must be doing something right.
  4. nursie

    nursie Well-Known Member

    When I get that kind of stuff I use their paid return envelope & send them stuff coupons, oil change coupons, etc. If you really wanna have fun, save up a few & send them each other's stuff. Show them what the competition's sending you!
  5. jzilla

    jzilla Well-Known Member

    I'll send 'em the First Premier stuff my roomate got a
    few weeks ago. It has a few teeth marks in it. My cat has to initialize any papers left laying around. LOL
  6. nursie

    nursie Well-Known Member

    I like that one. Wonder if I can train my cat to do that....
  7. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    Cute i like that


    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Show them what the competition's sending you!

    THEY SENT YOU "PRE-APPROVED" $500 @ 24.99%...
    ANOTHER COMPANY SENDS YOU $5,000 @ 9.99%...


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