Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jsever, Jul 26, 2001.

  1. dogman

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    Dumped Them and am happy!

    Hi MIles. Yup - Providian is a get it after BK, paY 24% NO GRACE FOR A $100 LIMIT - then dump them
    where you end up with the cards you carry :)

    c ya dogman
  2. miles

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    FeliceRodo & Marie

    Thanks for your support and advice. I will dump Providian once my newest accounts reach a year old. Providian is my 3rd oldest tradeline. I have one dept. store card since 1993 and one closed secured card that started reporting in 1993 as well (closed in 2000).

    I don't want to discourage others from doing business with Providian. If you use the card and pay your bill on time, they are a great credit builder. However, I can only assume they don't want you anymore after you go prime?? (except on subprime terms)

    After you build your credit, move on to bigger and better lenders!! :-D

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