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    I've had the Providian Visa Gold since 11/00 with a $500 starting limit. My current cl is $1,150 (I paid $49 for a $500 increase). My grandma-in-law received an offer for the same card /same terms in 02/01. Since then, she has received an offer of $1000 for $99 (which she paid) and just last week they sent her an offer for a mastercard with $1000 limit. She has never had credit before this.

    The only difference is that I never take cash out. She almost always takes cash advances. Could that be a big reason? She pays a little more than the minimum once she receives her bill.

    Thought I would share that with you guys. I don't know what Providian's strategy is, but it bugs me to see that I use their card more frequently and they don't reward me like they do my grandma-in-law!
  2. Mirage

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    Beware that the Providian MC has no GP. Double check that on the back of the application.

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    yah the paypal providians all have grace period.
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    I got 2 $1500 increases only 1 month apart. My balance to limit ratios at the time were 95 percent. I kept asking for a lower apr by calling retention; I begged for a lower apr, told them I did not want to get in trouble again and was there anything they could do to help me bring down my finance charges, which had mushroomed to $128 every month. Instead, I got the increases.

    However, when I paid my balance down the following two months, I got the lower apr of 19.8.

    I don't know what is the moral to my post. Lizard may be right. Play the game and be loved by your cc company.

    I hope this helps.
  5. Marie

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    Get your Prov interest rate to at least 16.9. That's their best interest rate barrring Platinum.

    Then, when you want better and they have nothing to offer (I'm assuming you've already gotten the refund on your annual fee)...

    DO this: ask for a refund on some of your interest ALREADY charged. Yes, get a refund.

    I've gotten this twice already this year. They gave me 2 mos of interest and fees rebated at a time. So on my largest card I've total gotten 4 mos of interest rebated.

    I asked the question "what else can we do to make this account better?" and the answer was a rebate on already earned (and paid) interest.

    NEVER hurts to ask!!! I love negotiating!!!

    I got my Cap1 intro rate extended to Dec this year too :) hehehe
  6. FeliceRodo

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    "I asked the question "what else can we do to make this account better?" and the answer was a rebate on already earned (and paid) interest."

    Tingle, tingle. This is a great psychological reversal, one I never thought of. Marie, you're a little genius.

    I got rebate interest, but the rep offered it to me in exchange for large payments.

    Way to go, Marie. Keep sharing :)

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