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    I open my account in 4/00 with a $500 for $49. I recently got a $200 unsecured increase, AND a $1000 for $99 at the same time. Currently, I am at $1800 with providian. In about two months, I am probably going to get another generous increase. I like them, but I use it alot and pay off most of my balances. I guess they figure if you pay off your balances in large amounts. Then you have the ability to handle greater credit limits. I guess. Hope that helps
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    I started Providian w/$300 deposit on 8/99
    1st increase for $100 6 months later.
    2nd increase for $200 1 month later.
    3rd increase for $500 on 1 year annv.
    4th increase for $100 1 month later.
    I was to cheap to pay for an increase
    on my limit because of high finance
    rates. I try to keep paid off or never more than 1/2 my limit. Never late and no problems with co. Now $1200 limit after 13 months.
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    Usually when you receive a $200 increase, there is another increase offer that usually follows within 4 weeks. They should send this to you in the mail. Depending on how your credit is internally & externally, they may charge a fee for this. Hope this helps.
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    Unless you pay their upgrade fees, they seem to dribble out the credit at first, in increments of $200 or not much more.

    To get substantial increases from Providian without paying extra fees, you need to establish a good payment record. They really warm up to you after you make all your minimum payments on time. I don't think they worry about small payments, since they want you to keep a high balance anyway. That pushes your minimum payment high enough to keep them happy.
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    Did you ask for increase?

    I'm assuming that they did the first increase of $100. Did you ask for the second increase a month later or did it just appear on your statement? What about the rest of the increases? Did you ask for those or what?
  7. James

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    RE: Did you ask for increase?

    To MP$40 My first icrease after 4 months was 200.00 then I received a upgrade to $1,000 within that week and now 5 months later all they gave me was a $200 credit line increase and no upgrade offer, I pay my bill on time I don't why they didn't offer me an upgrade offer.
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    I have an old outstanding debt w/Providian.
    The amount of the debt is something like $346.00 and it was charged off in 94. I did not even remember about that because I was about 18 yrs old. Well I recently applied for one while on my mission to re-establish my credit and was denied because of this. My question is that if I pay the debt off with the Collection agency that it is now with, will Providian consider me for a card. I have 1 car loan for 16k that has been paid on time for 7 mos. I have $500 dmb MC / $250 FNB visa and $300 Carsons. What are my chances with Providian?
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    RE: Did you ask for increase?

    I have never asked them for an increase they have sent me the standard $49 for $xx.xx
    increases but have never responded to them.
    I have also declined any of the protection
    plan offers. But my credit has some smudges on it. Glad to get any credit at all. Try to charge $100.00 to $200.00 on card and pay almost of it every month to show activity.
    Thanks to this message board and a couple others I have learned more in the last three months about credit and how important it is
    than I ever thought possible.

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