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  1. kyla

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    I just called Providian I told them I wanted to close my account because I asked for the
    APR to be reduced and I was hung up on waiting to speak to a supervisor. Anyway, when they transferred me to the dept. that handles account closures, the lady immediately reduced my APR to 19.9%. It's a start. I've had my Providian for 16 months. My credit limit is $1700. My balance is extremely high.So don't worry about having leverage with Providian to request an APR reduction. Just threaten to close the account. That'll get it lowered real quick.

    Good Luck All,

  2. 777

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    I have had my Providian account for 5 years now and I called to have my APR reduced. I have a $7000.00 limit and the balance was zero. The rep said I was at a fixed rate (23.9%) and would have to wait for a mail solicitation for an APR reduction, so I said I would close the account. The retention department lowered the APR to 16.9%.
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    same here kyla i've had the account for 24 months. and anther for 4 months and they reduced both 19.7 and 16.9.. both where maxed out , i didn;t even have to threten to close. just asked for supervisor and told him it was out of hand lol . they also waived a couple of annual fees ..
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    Providian just lost a 3 million + lawsuit with San Francisco and the state of California and sent me 221.00 check because of it.

    You can read about here.
  5. kyla

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    That's good to know. I think I will call back next month and tell them I want it lowered to 16%. I didn't put up much fuss about 19% because my husband's Citibank is 19% and I didn't think Providian would go lower than that for the length of time I've been with them.Thank you for all of your responses. I learn something new everyday reading this board.

  6. newcomer2

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    Well with They really give you what thier computer allows them to give you .. how i found out about it was through my friend that got his APR reduced to 16.9.. So when i spoke to the supervisor for the first account that i had for a 24 months she could only reduce it to 19.7 i told her i wanted 16.9 like my friend . but she couldn't because the computer calculates the risk somehow and gives the reduction amount the funny thing is that the computer allowed her to give the full reduction on the other account to 16.9 and i've had it for only four months and it's also maxed out ! Give it a try they might to it . Specially if your threating to close the account like you did . good luck
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    thanks newcomer2 !!
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    If you have questions about the Providian settlement, you may want to check out this website:

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