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  1. Saar

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    I regularly get Providian's solicitations in my mailbox. Since my credit reports show they constantly watch my credit, I know it's improving:

    1. At first, there were the lousiest offers: $500 limit, $89 annual fee, $49 processing fee, approval "guaranteed". Trashed it.

    2. Then, up to $1000 limit, $89 annual fee, no processing fee. Trashed it.

    3. Now, up to $3000 limit, no annual fee, no processing fee.

    When I got offer #3, I applied just for the heck of it. Unlike typical "up to $3000 limit" offers, they indeed approved the maximum: $3000. Note that for offers #2-3, they said neither "pre approved" nor "pre selected".

  2. S.D.

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    Saar wrote:
    " I applied just for the heck of it"

    Do you plan on using this card at all or was it strictly to see how much they would approve you for? Does it have the same outrageous terms that the other Providian cards have?
  3. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Yes. This would be a card for emergencies or for businesses that don't accept Amex.

    The only decent card Providian offers (other than the Platinum), is the Aria Portrait.


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