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  1. Julie

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    Hi everyone, as you may recall, I got a Providian card 2 weeks ago, with a HUGE limit of $100. With the yearly fee of $39, it left me $61 to spend. Well, funny thing happened, I called, as some of you suggested, to ask them to raise the puny credit line. I asked to talk to retention. I asked the woman if she could raise my limit, she said she could not, but as "goal of customer satisfaction", she would wave my $39 fee, putting $39 back on my available credit. I had told her very sweetly, that I wanted to stay with the company, but $100 would be gone fast. So, she took the fee off!! Not only that, I called to find out my balance, since I was SOO close to going over my limit. They raised my limit to $140, without me even knowing. I asked if there was a mistake, I had "gone over" by $3, but she said no, they raised it. Not only that, but my hubby called, they raised his $40, too! They seem to be very freindly. Now, WHO do I talk to, to get a higher limit? I asked, but they politely told me, I have to wait 4 months, then they raise it.
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    Now, kids, what have we learned today?

    1. Good job on the fee waiver!
    2. You think that you're in unsecured status, but you're not. Given your credit rating, you'd have been better off w/ a $500 secured Cap 1 Visa. It's a shitty phase, but almost everyone has to be there at one time or another.
    3. If you went overlimit 2 weeks after getting the card, something in your budgeting went very wrong (even if for some reason they let you get away w/ it once).
    4. Forget what they told you. Show a responsible payment pattern, and keep nagging their Retention department monthly.

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    That's a good sign. A month before they raised my limit on my Gold card, I got a $100 increase. Didn't ask for just apppeared. Then a month later I got the certificate in the mail to get a $500 increase for $49. They would also raise my limit $50 to conpensate for the $49 fee. I took it. Now I just spend on it, send a payments (via on-line payment), spend, send payment, etc.
  4. Julie

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    Actually, what happened is this: I was told to spend the $100, I would be billed the $39 later. I was calling the automated #, then it said I had $140 limit, even tho the card is $100. So, I actually never went over. I thought I did, for $3, but the rep said, instead of taking the $39 out of the $100, they just raised my limit to $140, including the $39 fee. So, I shot the $39 in the mail, so now I have the whole $140 to spend, yippee! Then, I called retention, told her that $100 is too hard to watch, that everyone else was offering me $500, but I REALLY want to stay with Providian, even tho the limit is small. She must have sensed i would go to another company, so she offered to take the $39 fee off. Well, it gets better!! I just called again, and my credit went up to $200! I don't know how, or why. But the retention dept, says theydo not give increases. So who do I talk to, to get a higher limit? I use the card every day, I think that's why they raised it twice today, and I already sent them 2 payments, WAY before my bill will be here. Who(supervisor>?) can give me more on the card? I feel funny asking them now, after all, I JUST got this card. One more thing, I called Juniper, and applied on the phone, I called back today, they said it is "pending". I was told the night I called, it will take 7 days to find out. Was I politely turned down? Usually, don't they give a YES on the phone, if approved? Thanks again, you all have helped me alot!! Julie
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    Juniper requires VERY good credit???
  6. sam

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    Yeah if you have a providian with $200 limit, you are probably (now i say this as a generalization, not directed to you) not their kind of customer.


    If you get one, let us know. i'll be all over juniper :)
  7. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    Sorry I didn't mean to offend, but with only getting an intial 100.00 for Providian it wouldn't seem that Juniper would approve from what I have heard from all that have gotten you must have excellent credit. A rep stated your scores must be above 660.


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