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  1. Wes

    Wes Guest

    What have your credit line increases been with this bank?
  2. on the go

    on the go Well-Known Member

    I usally get 500. every 4 mo. I also dont keep large balances if any each month, so I dont think that the myth really applies.
  3. Desmond

    Desmond Guest

    I have 3 accounts with Providian. I don't have anything negative to say just psoitiive things, they gave me a change when no one else would, due to some negative on my credit report. On my Providian classic I had for about 15 months and I'm waiting for my next increase. I haven't had one since February. But I did get one on my anniverary date. What kind of increase should I be expecting this time. What are your experience of those who have Providian accounts?
  4. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    During the past nine months, credit line has gone from 6700 to 10500.
  5. JD

    JD Guest

    You're right about Providian giving someone a chance when nobody else would. Capital kept hounding me with offers and when I applied, they would turn me down. Then they would continue sending me offers. Now that I have Providian accounts (Visa and MasterCard) Capital is sending me better offers for Gold cards, etc. I just ignore them. Providian might have high interest rates and other money making schemes but it's worth paying extra for a chance. If you use common sense and good credit sense, you can make a good comeback in the credit arena. Hopefully I'll get out of the subprime cards someday but I think I'll keep my Providian card just out of loyalty.
  6. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Look at other Prov posts (within the last 2 days). It'd take me too long to redo the typing and I'm lazy... but I've had incredible success w/Providian and I put how in some of the recent posts. Good company. they'll work with you, increase lines quickly, decrease interest quickly (as compared to other cards) and you really can increase the type of credit you get with them: classic to gold to platinum
  7. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    If you don't mind me asking: do you have Gold/Platinum and did you request the increases or did you just get them? Also, what's your utilization?
    I've got 5599 right now so I'd love to see it jump as proportionately as yours did
  8. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    I asked for one increase a few days ago. The others were automatic. It's a gold card. I have been paying it off every month. The current balance is $300.
  9. RichGuy

    RichGuy Guest

    Providian Platinum

    Well, that would be news. I've never read of Providian actually upgrading anyone to Platinum before. Six months ago, I read a post that quoted a Providian supervisor as saying that a plan to start doing so was in the works. I still want to read the first post (from anyone but Bobby or Circus Freak) about getting such an upgrade.
  10. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    RE: Providian Platinum

    I'll post it if it really happens. I have a very specific person to talk with and I have her direct number/extension in San Antonio and she PROMISED me she'd put me on her list of cards to call when the Platinum upgrade package comes out (she looked at my account and said I already met the quals). But I took her name/number and teased her that if I didn't hear from her by April I'd call her! First, the package has to actually be available... and second we'll see if I really can get it!!! I'll be amazed if I really do get it, actually!
  11. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Visa opened 9/99 500
    11/99 Dest unlimited ADDL credit (cancelled the program, but kept the ADDL credit) +200
    11/99 Health Advantage same deal +200
    1/00 200 auto increase +200
    2/00 1000 increase 99 fee +1099
    8/00 200+ auto increase +200
    8/00 1000 increase 99 fee + 1099
    ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY +100 to cover annual fee +100
    9/00 interest 23.99 to 16.99
    12/00 requested 1000 increase (no fee) +1000
    1/01 Refund 2nd year 59 fee
    1/01 answer: no gold but 1000+
    Total credit line 5599 in 17 months I actually add that it should be 5598 but it's 5599. I think on one increase offer they added 99 and the other they added 100 to cover processing fees. Now I never pay them fees for upgrades!!!

    MC is new received it in Nov and in Jan I called and got 59 rebate on fee and interest reduced to 16.9. I have to wait 3 billing cycles before they can consider a line increase.. which means I'm asking the day after this billing cycle ends...
    2/22 for a substantial line increase and I'll see what they do.

    Now, I just also got an ARIA visa w/ 1000 starting credit and I called the day I received it and got the 59 fee refunded but they told me interest rate is NONNEGOTIABLE. we'll see. I expect their line increases to be the same since it's the same company. I'll call every 120+ days and ask for an increase
  12. RichGuy

    RichGuy Guest

    RE: Providian Platinum

    I certainly hope you get it. I know you have a very good chance, since preparation is half the battle and you're obviously well prepared.

    Here's to your credit success. :)

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