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    I would be leery of using the 'Quick Payment' feature on the new ... I registered my account, and attempted to make a payment (It debits your checking account); kept getting error messages through about five attempts (The error says "You must schedule a payment for current billing cycle. Please change billing date."... I had, in fact, schedule the payment for today [8-11-00]).

    I was/am concerned that my account might actually have been debited on each (presumably) unsuccessful attempt, despite the error messages I kept getting... I'll know for sure in a couple of business days.

    Having said all this, I give the new online account management site from Providian a thumbs up! It's very user friendly and offers a lot of services.

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    You may want to try their online customer support dept. They have the number listed in the "contact us" section. I called them yesterday as I had problems updating my work number. The reps are very friendly & helpful. The rep stated that some options (ie: updating account info) will be delayed approx. 1 week after registering your account online due to processing. He updated the info for me while speaking to him. They should be able to find out whether your debit went through more than once. Hope this helps.
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    I spoke to customer support for Providian online and they stated that I am unable to register since I have an Aria card and registered on the Aria site.. They said it should be taken care of in a few weeks....

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